Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today we spent a wonderful day at the beach. After freezing our feet in the water we walked on the pier. As we walked up the pier I noticed something sitting there. It almost looked like a big jacket or bag tossed there. As I got closer I discovered it was a Pelican! It just sat on the pier with it's head tucked down as people walked only feet from it. Lucas asked if it was real. I wondered the same thing as it hardly moved an inch.

As we continued our walk up the pier another pelican came swooping in and landed on the railings. It just sat there and didn't seem to mind the people one bit. Several people stopped to take pictures. Most people would stand several feet in front of it so they could get their picture taken "with it". Alex saw the pelican and said,"kiss" and got way too close for comfort for me. Some of the bystanders were even commenting, "she is way more brave than I am!" Luckily Alex changed her mind and did not attempt to kiss it. So due to innocence or maybe a little naiveness both the Pelican and Alex were a little bit fearless today.


  1. She IS brave. Ethan gets concerned if a robin is within twenty feet of him when we're outside!

  2. Yikes! I would not be so fearless either. They are probably used to people. Which beach did you go to?