Monday, March 16, 2009

The Expected Shot

One of the benefits of being a southren California resident is the great deals you get for places like Disneyland. The past two weekends we took advantage of these great deals and visited Disney and then California Adventure. Anyone who has read my blog for a bit knows that I LOVE taking pictures. As much as I wanted good pictures my desire for nothing to happen to my nice camera out-weighed my desire for great pictures. So I brought along our smaller digital camera. Off we went to Disney; we had a great day, but well, I just really did not take that many pictures, too busy having fun I guess. When I uploaded the pictures I did take, I realized I did not take any of the traditional Disney pictures. No pictures with Mickey or Minnie, no pictures in front of the castle, no pictures by It's A Small World. In fact a lot of the pictures could have been taken just about anywhere. How did I manage that?

So when we went to California Adventure I was determined to do better. I did manage a few more traditional shots, but once again we just had too much fun I guess. It is days like this that I wish I had a professional photographer who would follow us around and take pictures of my family. Hmm... I guess I would then know what Britney Spears feels like... never mind!

Mickey! See We were there!

Going through the watermelon on Bug's Life Ride

Too much fun for Alex--the afternoon nap

In front of the Mickey Mouse Satatue

Hugs by the waterfall


  1. Looks like you guys all had a blast. I love the "it's A bug life" section of the park. It's too cute.

  2. Sure looks like lots of fun. Excited to come and see you guys SOON!