Friday, March 13, 2009

Today I did something that I have a feeling I may do many many times in the not so distant future; that is scrambling to help someone finish a project since they waited until the last minute to do it. I can already see the nights of, "oh shoot mom, I am supposed to bring such-and-such to school tomorrow!", etc. Today's scramble was not thanks to my kids but thanks to my husband. He is the eleven-year-old Scout leader and several of his boys are getting a big award tonight. So yesterday he went and got the necessary patches he needed and today he asked if I could sew them on, for the event tonight!

So, like a good and kind wife I agreed. I knew Lucas would be excited to see the sewing machine so I let him stay up a little later from his nap to watch me in action. I lug out the machine, get it all plugged in and....nothing. Hmm... does this thing have on on switch somewhere? I search and hunt, I try every knob. I even call up my mother-in-law who gave me the sewing machine. No luck.

At this point I am ready to throw in the towel, it is not my fault that the sewing machine isn't working, it isn't my fault that Eric waited until the last minute. But well then guilt kicks in and I break out the needle and thread and do it by hand. Some sore fingers and two hours later and I am done.

Do I really want my kids to grow up?


  1. Girl, you are awesome! Guess who sewed on the patches on Todd's uniform? Todd!! I tried and did a horrible job, so he did the rest. It's hard to go around a circle patch with the fast machine anyway.

  2. Yes Emily, this is the first of many last minute projects. I had one of those on Thursday, which I had fully intended to blog about, and did not. The projects really seem to take on a whole new life at middle school. However, you are not off the hook. Good job on the patches.