Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stating the Obvioius

Following is a call my husband received from the dentist he used to see in Arizona.

Dentist: "I'm calling to remind you about your appointment."
Eric: "I don't think I'll make it since I moved to California."
Dentist: "So, you're not going to make your appointment?"
Eric: "No, I moved to [insert city here], California."
Dentist: "So you moved out of state?"
Eric: "Yeah, I moved out of state."
Dentist: "So you're probably not going to make your appointment?"
Eric: "No, I'm not going to make it."
Dentist: "Okay, I'll cancel your appointment."

So there you have it--maybe she was so shocked that anyone would move from Arizona or maybe she just got done sampling the laughing gas. But hey it made for a good laugh.


  1. She was just a little slow, it seemed to take quite a bit of processing for her to figure she should cancel his appointment.

  2. Lol! Sometimes you wonder if people turn on their brains at work. :)