Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kids Books

This weeks book is Alphabet Adventure by Audrey Wood. We have checked out this one and another by the same author, Alphabet Mystery.

This is a cute way for kids to learn the lower case letters. It seriously makes learning about little letters fun. The letters are associated with words that begin with their letter during the book.

The pictures are wonderful too! Both of my kids love this book. After we read this a few times my two-year-old was drawing a little i and saying "Oh, no! Dot missing!" Then would draw the dot.

A favorite line: "She hopped over to Little h and tried on a heart. 'This heart is too heavy,' she said. 'It makes me crumple."

This book is definitely designed for the preschool and young school age but my two-year-old loves it too.

As I was reviewing this book I realized we have also read several more that we enjoy by the same author. They have a cute interactive web site.

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  1. I love Don and Audrey Wood! The Napping House is one of our favorite books by them. We haven't read this one before so I'll have to check it out.