Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kids Books

Well this weeks batch of books from the library didn't have any definite winners so I picked one from a series that we like. The Maisy Mouse series by Lucy Cousins has lots of great books. These books are good for the younger ones too. My two-year-old really likes them. I have a niece who completely adores these books, her mom is always looking for new ones for her.

Many of Cousins' books are available as board books, perfect for little hands that like to rip things. Some, such as the one featured, Where is Maisy, are lift-a-flap books; which my daughter loves!

The illustrations are usually more simple but adorably cute. Maisy has many friends that are featured throughout the series too, like Eddie the Elephant.

So for an easy quick read, with cute adorable characters try the Maisy Mouse series.

Don't forget, you can always check out past picks here.


  1. We love Maisy. The Happy Birthday Maisy lift flap book is REALLY cute too.

  2. I love children's books!

    Thanks for your sweet comment the other day! :)