Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Brown Thumb

We always had a garden growing up, my mom had flowers year round, but somehow I just didn't inherit that green thumb. My mom has tried, giving me flowers at different times, pot, soil and all. I do good for a while, taking care, remembering to water... but then before long the flowers and plants are soon forgotten and dead.

Last year on Mother's day my mom tried again; guess part of that parenting instinct of never giving up on your children. This time when she returned many months later she was shocked to find the flowers still alive.
"Lucas" I told her, "he reminds me to water my flowers and usually does it for me."

Both of Lucas' grandmas love flowers and are instilling their love in him. On Valentines Day Lucas received a card from his Grandma Mimi with some money and instructions to go and buy some flowers to plant.

So today we finally did. Lucas picked out the flowers all by himself. He even, at his insistence, carried his money in his own pocket and paid the cashier. We came home and planted the flowers. I have no doubt in a few months they will still be alive.

Lucas flowers that be picked out, bought and planted


  1. He picked good ones, and he looks awfully cute!

  2. I don't even have a brown thumb. It's black. I have A plant. It's been alive since we have lived here. It really needs a bigger pot. How it has survived the last 19 months is beyond me. Go Lucas!