Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coupons 101

Five Hour Flight
1 mostly potty-trained girl
Need some Pull-Ups

Pull-Ups $11.56 for 24 ouch!
But wait they are on sale for $9.47
I have a $3.00 off coupon
I have a $2.00 off coupon loaded to my store savings card

24 Huggies Pull-ups only $4.47 much better!

I began couponing when we lived in Mesa. I really didn't want to at first as why did I want to spend all that time to save $2.00... oh did I soon learn my lesson. I know I was clueless about what to do at first, so over the next few months I will ocassionally share my tricks and secrets to making couponing doable and profitable.

The first quick lesson, go to this site here, to load coupons to your store's savings card. No cost, and the coupons come off automatically, and as I did you can also then use a regular coupon to increase your savings even more.


  1. Ooh, coupon tips. I love coupon tips because I am not a good couponer. I collect them all, then get to the store and buy something else instead. Hmmm. Maybe with your tips, I'll be able to actually use the coupons.

  2. Your couponing always impresses me. Maybe someday I'll get into it. I'm so bad right now .. .

  3. i covet your coupon abilities. i am a lazy shopper. this i know to be true. talk about it some more and i'll soon be convinced too;-)

  4. Bummer! They don't have any stores in my area :(