Friday, May 22, 2009

Never Been..

A movie I love is Never Been Kissed. Why do I love it? One of the reasons, I could totally pull off going back to high school and fitting in. No one would question my age.

I am in my last full year of the 20's. Next year I will be the big 3-0 but what do I hear all the time.
"How old are you?" "You don't look old enough to have two kids" "Mom, how old is she? She's serving in primary but she looks like she is 17!"

Yep, I hear it enough and from enough different people that I don't try and deny it anymore. My husband, bless his heart, will always scoff and say "you don't look 17!" But he knows me, and as soon as you start to know someone then your judgments on their age can never be just based on looks no matter how hard you try.

So here I am, needing to dye my hair since it is filled with gray (well was before I dyed it) with the big 3-0 knocking on my door and people think I am in high school.

Oh well in another ten years when I am approaching 40 and people think I am in my 20's I'll be happy right?

When I graduated high school

A more recent pic

hmm maybe there isn't much change :)


  1. Wow.. I never would've guessed myself. I was thinking you were closer to the early part of the twenties vs. the later part.
    No worries though. I was constantly approached about ordering off the kids menu when I was 16 and 17. I guess I look young for my age too. {I'm almost 27.}

    Just think how young we'll look when everyone is old! :)

  2. It's called good clean living! As for me, I plan on lying about my age, and telling people I am ten years OLDER so people will say, "WOW! You look fantastic!" :P Don't I look good for 49!?

  3. I think you look older than in your high school picture. And people are just silly that way. Todd's dad got IDed trying to buy spray paint last year and he's 51! It was his baseball cap!

    If it weren't for my short hair now, I'd look exactly the same as in high school too.

  4. You definately have a young face! I would have never guessed you were on the way to 30, not that it's old because it's not. It will definititely serve you though, I wish I had that problem:)
    Most people think I am older than I am. Maybe because I am tall, I don't really know...

  5. Rachel, yes Randy does look very young, he probably is even worse off than I am :)
    Someday I bet Eric and I will be just like your parents, people will always be thinking Eric is my dad ;)

  6. Nope, not too much change. I agree with everyone else who says you look too young to be almost 3-0! And that is Absolutely a Good thing! I admit, I do feel ya. Once, when I was 21, I traveled across the country with DH and we were in the "Exit row" on the plane, and the Stewardess had to ask me if I "WAS SURE" I was over 15... really.

  7. Well, aren't you cute. You see, I'm the opposite of you. People have always thought I was older. Like when I was 13 they always thought I was 17. Good for then, but not so much now.

  8. You totally could go back to high school as an undercover reporter or undercover narc. Awesome!