Saturday, May 23, 2009

What do you think?

What do you think when you see this adorable girl?

Magazine cover worthy?

I think so!

Here is my shameless plug to get my friends
to go vote/rate Alex's pictures.

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  1. Um... YES! She's BEAUTIFUL! And She's clearly got her own little personality! What a QT! Going to Vote... :)

  2. Totally shameless! Hahaha. She is just so cute.

  3. she is definitely magazine cover worthy! such a CUTIE!! i gave her all five stars. :)

    your comment on my blog today made me laugh! thank you for liking my photos! we actually take them all with just a regular little digital point and shoot. for that one, we set up the camera on a little ledge and put the timer on. no photo shoot though! i WISH! :) unless, you count self photography and levi shooting pictures of me around town a photo shoot! :)

    i also edit my pictures in picnik. for example, that one needed a little cropping to complete the whole symmetrical look.

  4. Jasmine-
    Thanks, and well even if it is just point and shoot they are so cute anyways. Probably because they are just always fun and totally show your personality, as silly as my husband is,I just can't picture him taking pictures with me like that.

  5. Yep. She's adorable. So magazine cover worthy.

  6. I love her hair!! She is completely adorable.

  7. SO CUTE!!! LOVE the one with ice cream all over her face...

    Very magazine worthy!