Monday, May 25, 2009

We tried right?

Do you go to church when you are on vacation? We always try to go to at least sacrament meeting. So when we went out of town this past weekend, we found the local church building in the city we were visiting and made sure we had our Sunday clothes packed.

Sunday morning we got up and got ready, we were running a little late but we arrived as they were still singing the opening hymn. I peeked into the chapel to find a place to sit. It was full! It was not just no one wants to sit in the middle of the row full, it was truly full.

So we went into the overflow joining a few families already sitting there waiting for the dividing doors to open. Someone came and tried to open the doors, they were locked. Someone came with the keys, they tried to unlock them, no luck. A third person came with a different set of keys, still no luck!

Eric went over to turn the back speakers on so at least we could hear what was happening, the speakers did not work! So the group of us headed out to the foyer, at least this way we would be able to receive the sacrament. Right before the sacrament began they closed the door to the chapel, this is when we realized the speaker in the foyer was not on, well it wasn't on because it didn't work! So we all sat quietly and could barely hear the sacrament prayer. All was then quiet and we knew the bread was being passed.

We sat and waited, and sat and waited, then we heard the prayer on the water!! They did not bring it out! Some of the crowd we were now part of discovered that the speaker in the Relief Society room did work so after the sacrament they headed down there. They also said they usually don't even fill up half of the chapel but that week there was a missionary farewell.

Now anyone that has little kids knows how hard it is to get them to pay attention and be quiet in church as it is, let alone sitting in a different room where we could only hear and not see the speaker. So we decided we tried; we left and stopped at a local park, Eric gave us a lesson on the meaning and importance of the sacrament (kind of ironic) then we joined my sister and her family for the rest of our vacation.

Hey we tried right?

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  1. That is absolutely insane. I can't believe they didn't come out to see if anyone was in the foyer. Especially with the building so full. Like you said, you tried.

  2. Holy cow! At least you tried. That says a lot.

  3. That's crazy! I can't believe they didn't have anyone look out into the foyer. Like you said, at least you tried!

  4. You really did try. I think you get bonus points if Heaven for at least attempting church while on vacation.

  5. Looks like you guys made the best of the situation! I'm sure you get "points" for your efforts! :)

  6. so impressed you stayed the entire time! when i was nursing my baby (now toddler, sob), we would sit in the foyer alone. i always got skipped on the sacrament. so sad!