Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Won't You Be My Neighbor

We moved to California about five months ago now. Since we moved my older sister has asked, do you know your neighbors yet? She lives in a neighborhood, which I think is the exception, where they have regular block parties and get-togethers. They even have a block address book, that lists family members, who is available to baby sit, pet sit, that sort of thing. So after several months she was amazed that we still did not know any of our neighbors.

Last night we decided it was time. So for Family Night, we made some cookies (you can find the recipe here), loaded up the wagon and went to our neighbors' homes to introduce ourselves. Every time we have done this (we move a lot so we have done it before) I always come back to the same conclusion. People as a whole are good and kind. Everyone just gets to busy and caught up in the their own lives that they don't even notice those right next door. But all it takes is for one person or family to make the effort and just say hi. I truly think things would be a lot better if we knew each other a little more, had someone to watch out for us, someone to be accountable to.

So, to steal the words of a favorite childhood show, who are the people in your neighborhood?


  1. Wow. Good for you! I hope it turned out well and that you make lots of great friends in your semi-new neighborhood.

  2. Good for you! That's a great idea, and a great example for your kids to follow. We're pretty lucky in that our neighborhood is just our one subdivision which makes a perfect square. This same square is also our ward boundaries, so we've gotten to know them at church as well. When we lived in Wisconsin we only knew a couple of our neighbors. But we also didn't live in the best area. :)

  3. Nice job! We tried to do this same thing in Bellingham, but Ethan accidently let go of the stroller holding all the plates of cookies and it went for a wild ride down our steep driveway and over the retaining wall. Sad day! Unfortunatley we never got it off the ground to try again.

  4. Rachel, I am so sorry! That is just bad luck, though kind of funny now :) I guess since you have moved again you have another chance now.

  5. This is soooo outside of my comfort zone. Good for you for taking that step.