Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have my cake and eat it to

I love decorating cakes

I don't get to do it much anymore

because of this
two little helping hands.

but how can I resist
when I see these happy faces
they help decorate
they help make messes
(she destroys my decorating tip by biting it)

they entertain themselves while I make more frosting

but aren't they the reasons I do it anyway?
and besides we make a good team

the requested cake:
a chocolate cake with pink flowers
just like in the Blue Clue's Birthday movie

see some really cute cakes here
Crazy About Cakes


  1. Wow Emmy! Thanks for the feature! I think you have such adorable kids, and your cake with the pink flowers turned out really cute! That's exactly what happens at my house when I make cakes. My children are my little "bakers in training". We have a lot of fun, as I'm sure you did too.

    By the way, I grabbed your button. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  2. What a smiling, happy face your daughter has! And I love the flowers on the cake. So fun!

  3. Cake Wrecks ( is another terrific site. (If you're into that kind of thing, seeing as they're not cute cakes.)

    Nice seeing you over at my blog!



  4. Lynette-thanks for grabbing my button! Glad you like my blog :)

    Meg, thanks that site was great had some good laughs!

  5. Such a cute post! Everytime you do this kind of thing I'm reminded how you are such a great mom. I probably should let my kids help with decorating more often!

  6. I'm going to say it again: Your kids are soooo cute. Your daughter is beautiful.

  7. ahh!! i love your daughters face in the decorating pic and the lips too! so funny! i love that i can put brennan into his high chair when i bake and am enjoying the time i have left of doing it all by myself;=) thanks for being so positive about the future for me though, i'm hoping it will be just as whimsical at the time as you made it sound today;-)

  8. Darling!! Good job! There is some bloggy love waiting for ya at my blog!

  9. You are such a fabulous mom, your kids are so lucky to have you! Miss you and all our little day trips!