Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kids Books

For anyone out there with a little boy who loves planes, trains and well anything that goes (so probably everyone with a boy), this week's book is especially for you.

Airport by Byron Barton.

Byron Barton has LOTS of books with simple names like Trucks, Trains, Boats, and Machines at Work, to name a few. (See of a list of Barton's books here)

I first checked out Airport as we were about to fly and Lucas tends to get a little nervous about new things. Airport was one of the many books I checked out about airplanes and airports before our trip. After we read this one we became fans of Barton's books.

This book as well as most of his books are simple easy reads with one sentence per page. The illustrations are not complex but have the perfect amount of detail for little eyes. My son loved his books when he was two and he still loves them today. He always wants me to read them again and again.

So for all those boys out that that love anything that moves check out one of Barton's books.

{Picture from here}


  1. We totally love Byron Barton books too. But I've never seen that one, I'll have to look for it! :)