Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How do you say it?

The city that influences how I talk

Last night I was updating my facebook status right before bed from my iPod and couldn't for the life of my think of how to spell predictable; it was midnight my brain was done. So Eric looked it up for me here and then proceeded to play the word over and over.

He was having a little too much fun with this. He then looked up the word roof. You see, I am from the Midwest, he is from Utah. We say this word quite differently. When he looked it up, there were two little speakers next to the word!

Eric says roof, pronounced liked this rüf (think oo as in loot), listen here

I say it like this ruf (or think oo as in foot), listen here

See! I told him, I am right to!
We then proceeded to look up root beer and a few other words which he has always thought I have said wrong. Yep, it was a proud moment for me.

How do you say it? Is there anything you say "wrong"?


  1. Route... as in OW...or Route...oo? I saw it the OW way. I speak pretty plain. I had a pen pal from West VA some years ago who claimed she adored MY accent! Hahaha.

  2. I think I do both for route :) If I am Route 66 I say oo, but route 30 "ow", ran through the city I grew up in :)

  3. Honey, I'm from Texas, so according to the rest of the country, we say everything wrong. We do have strong feelings about the pronunciation of certain words. I have seen someone physically assaulted for saying pecan pie wrong.

  4. I say everything like Eric, but I'm sure that won't surprise you. ;)

  5. I have always just used dictionary.com. Thanks for the link to Merriam Webster - I didn't even know you could "hear" how they are pronounced.

    I say the long oo. But what about creek? I say it's definitely a long e sound, but some people say crick. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

  6. i called "crayons" "crowns" until the 6th grade when i moved back to california from utah. it was a shattering realization!

  7. My dad is from Pennsylvania and he pronounces it ruf also.

  8. Michelle, I love that you said honey! You are definitely from Texas.

    Erin, I agree definitely a ee-creek. I have heard the crick also though and it drive me crazy to!

    Em, I think I have heard the crowns to, definitely weird.

    Oh and I thought of another, this was just a me younger one though that I didn't understand, I used to call the Muppet Babies, muffet babies. My brother Aaron would also, say "the what babies?" I had no idea I was saying it wrong.

  9. I say wash but cringe when I hear "warsh". Ask my husband to say attic....sounds like addict.

  10. Ahhh...who says things correctly. Always a fun debate. There is one definitive and easy way to tell who is saying it properly. You can go to the dictionary, online or offline, and check the pronunciations and voila.

    Even easier, go to the people who are trained to speak properly. The best example would be national new anchors. They get flamed for saying things improperly. If you sound like a southern hick, they do not let you anchor the ten o'clock nation news. So, following that logic that the news people are trained to speak properly, they all sounds liek they are from...

    THE MIDWEST!!! Yeah, you know it, the midwest is the best and we speak properly, the rest of you have a regional accent if you say it differently! ;)

  11. Aaron I agree but you are trying to start trouble :)

  12. This post is hilarious! Being born and raised in Utah, I talk just like your husband! LOL