Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If I was only so free

My Alex:
Dancing, twirling, spinning

moving your arms gracefully to the music

a spin, a smile

the beauty and the freedom of dancing...

in the middle of the grocery store.

Today for just a moment I longed to feel free enough
to dance right along side you.

Instead I just stood there and smiled
and let you have your glorious moment.


  1. I seriously was thinking this today. Kids are so free. I would love to dance in the middle of the grocery store. She's so dang cute!

  2. Loved this post. I would have loved to dance with her too.

  3. I love your blog! It is beautiful! Thanks for the compliment of following mine and I would like to return the favor, so -click! :)

  4. Thanks everyone and welcome mindij :)

  5. That is a beautiful picture, and lovely words!

  6. Let yourself be free. It is fun. It is hard to do the first time or two, but dance, be crazy with your kids in public. It is fun.

    I will at times be nuts with mine. I remember seperating in the grocery store from Shelley while she went one way, and I went another with Ryan and Katherine. We had our items and had to locate Shelley. I said, we have to find, mommy, where did she go? The kids then raised their voice and playfull called, Mommy, where are you? I joined in and we had fun. Shelley thought we were nuts and was a little embarrased, but oh well.

    This is the way I figure it, I will probably never see any of these people again so who cares if they think I am nuts. Also, doing somethig like this with your kids, the other people will have one of a few reactions:

    1) Look at you and think you are nuts and roll their eyes and walk away from the "crazy people". These people will die sad and alone having long ago forgotten the true joy of being a child and living.

    2) They will see you are with your kids and roll their eyes thinking you need to grow up, but it is for your kids so somewhat acceptable. These people still remember the joys of youth, but have had been beaten down by life around them so much they feel they must conform to the social normas of the world which are more important than personal expression.

    3) They will look at you and your child and they will envy how care free the two of you are and long to join, but will not think it is appropriate. These people can still feel and share in the joy but feel too much pull to conform to society. They will enjoy life, but will always see others and know they are missing a little something.

    4) They will see you and smile and revel in the fact that there are still some human beings that can feel free. They will be swept up in their own memories of times when they have been able to be free running on a beach, streaking across campus or participating in a rally for a cause. These people know what it is to be truely happy and you will brighten their life as they reveal in your freedom.

    5) They will see the dancing and immediately drop what they are doing and join in! They truely have no inhibitions and see the party and are ready to join. These people truely enjoy life, but joining a child and her mother, i.e. strangers in dancing in the middle of the store...there may be something wrong with them. If you encounter one of these, gather up your children and slowly back away and hope you can get out of site while they dance before they realize you have left!! ;)

    Then there is the possibility a friend or acquaintance sees you. They will see you and they already KNOW you are nuts and just say, there is that crazy Emily, oh well.

    Jump in and join them while they are crazy. In a few years, they will start to conform more and then they will not dance in the isle. Then you don't have a reason to dance in the isle anymore and can't be nuts just for fun.

  7. Aaron I always love your comments. Now I am wishing I had danced with her :)

  8. Oh to have that freedom, and be that cute, to boot! Oh well. I guess I'll live vicariously through the kids.

  9. Beautiful post! I'm so glad you shared this with me! Your daughter is so adorable! Sorry it took me so long to comment on this great post!