Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kids Book Review Wednesday

I started my weekly kids book reviews exactly two months ago. I started this after reading one of my friends reviews of a grownup book they were reading. At the time I thought, I really do not read enough for myself...(this was before I read Twilight.. now I probably read too much!), but I also realized, when it came to kids books this was far from true!

I LOVE kids books. Maybe it is the simplicity, the fond memories of reading for hours growing up, or the fact that this used to be one of the only times my son would sit still. We go to the library and check out 20 books at at time and come home and read them all, often more than a hour of reading. Then over the next two weeks we come back to those books again and again.

Some books I love because of fond memories, some I love because they are just so cute and fun!
This week's book I Love Trees by Cari Meister, is different from most of my choices.

This book is a "Rookie Reader" level B book. It reminds me of a book they would give you at school to read in first grade, with limited number of words, short simple sentences, the words used in the book listed in the back. So, I really got it for Lucas to help him recognize more words. He is already amazingly good at "reading" (i.e memorizing and repeating) so I thought this would be great for him.

But well, for some reason Alex fell in love this book and wanted me to read it again and again.

And then she read it to me....

So needless to say I have now ordered this book for her on Amazon since the copy we have is due back at the library on Friday. You never know what it is that will truly spark your kids interest so just branch out and try new things.. the reward, well it's just amazing.

And if anyone has a favorite book they would like me to feature, or if you even want to write up a review sometime,
email me at: books (at)emmymom2 (dot) com

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  1. That girl of yours is too cute. I am so totally excited to see you guys!