Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm it! I've been tagged!

Alicia at Imma Momma tagged me! Thanks!! It's an easy one... the instructions are as follows:
  • Open my first photo folder
  • Scroll down to the 10th photo
  • Post that photo and story on my blog
  • Tag five friends to do the same
So well, I have two places were my photos are stored, my regular folders (pre Mac) and then iPhoto. So well I am going to to cheat and do the number 10 photo from each.It was July of 2003. We had recently celebrated our two year anniversary. Life was good, I was working for DCFS as a foster care worker in Utah, Eric was going to BYU with one year left. We were loving married life and were enjoying it being just the two of us. We would rent movies almost every night and eat two bags of popcorn, often before the previews were over!

And the above picture, this was our first home we were having built in Lehi, Utah. This is a view from the back. We lived in an apartment about a mile from our home so we went over their at least weekly to see the progress. This was just six years ago but it seems like a totally differently life. (Maybe since we have lived in 3 different homes since this one!)

And for my picture from iPhotoI was so happy when I saw it was this picture. These are my boys at Eric's office in Durango, CO. Eric's first job out of college. Just yesterday Lucas said to me. "When I am bigger I am going to drive a Dodge Ram just like daddy and we are going to work at the same building and share an office. Then we will come home and and have dinner with you and Alex."

And just for fun, the latest picture of Lucas at Daddy's work--how much he has grown!

So now I tag:


  1. This is fun! I wonder what the 10th picture will be. I love yours. And I don't think it is cheating.

  2. My parents live in Lehi. :) Fun pictures, we don't visit Daddy at work very often, I think I've only taken the girls 2 times.

  3. Those are both really cute stories! I kinda miss the pre-baby days too!

  4. Four homes in six years? Wow, that's a lot of moving.

    Thanks for the tag. I'll put it in my draft folder!

  5. Yep, it is a lot.. all part of the business though. Someday it will hopefully slow down a bit

  6. Is durango big enogh for someone to have a job there? lol my family is from mancos. Got to love the train.

  7. Lydia- We loved Mancos, well we loved making fun of it :) Or should I say Mancas :)
    My husband built the new hospital in Durango, it is a beautiful building.. I of course had Lucas before it was done so got stuck with the old hospital.