Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo Challenge Thursday

So I hope you are joining in with Alicia's Photo Challenge
This week's lesson was the rules of the thirds. As Alicia's teaches
Well, "traditionally" when taking portraits, you would imagine your photo being split into thirds, horizontally and vertically... the eyes of your subject would be 2/3 ways up the photo... and centered.
This week she challenged us to break this rule. And to try around with different positions.
Once again I had a hard time picking.. so here are my submissions.

I really do take pictures of my son too, but I just had to share this one, as it incorporates ALL of the lessons Alicia has taught so far Lesson 1 Lighting--this picture is my my make shift studio, i.e she is sitting next to our sliding glass door and so am I. I hung a blanket up over my clothes rack for a back drop and the flash is off.
Lesson 2-Getting in There--no distracting backgrounds here and I got in close, the top of her head is even cut off, but that is okay
Today's Lesson: Lesson 3-- she is definitely not centered, and while I could crop it and have just a big picture of her that is something intriguing and I think artistic with this placement.

And to prove I do take pictures of my son
Now this one came out not centered mostly because it was an action shot, but I love how with Lucas right at the top it almost seems like he is coming out of the picture and seems to capture the motion and moment more. And you gotta love how completely happy he is.

Okay, okay and one of my favorite pictures.. I almost did not post this at first as I want to save it if Alicia has a lesson about editing photos (wait until you see what I did to it) but here is the original, talk about not centered! But wow, I love this one!

So enjoy! And if you have not checked out Alica's photo challenge then please go to her site tomorrow for lesson number 4!


  1. Ohhhh wonderful shots - look at those darling faces!!! I just love the last shot..stunning!! I agree there is something about the off center shots that really appeals to the artist in me. I also love the ones when they do not know you are shooting them. Beautiful work!!! Sarah

  2. These are beautiful photos! You are really good!

  3. Awesome photos. Off center shots are lots of fun!

  4. Beautiful!! I love the last one, pretty colors and I like how it's off to the left.

  5. I love all three of those shots but I have to say the third one is my favorite, centered or not!

  6. So great! I love the third one too! I really should get into this photo challenge. . .

  7. I love them!! Really great pictures! Really. I hope you have some of these enlarged and displayed in your home!

  8. Rachel you definitely should, you take such amazing photos!

    Alicia- I have this one great wall at the top of my stairs that I was planning on getting all of these pictures blown up and displayed but I just never get around to it :( I really need to though.

  9. All the shots are fantastic!

  10. Alex has such pretty eyes! Great shots! :)

    I just received the flag decoration and it's adorable! :) I'm so excited to display it, thanks!

  11. Once again, cute kids!! Seriously! You should make more! ;)

  12. I love the one of Alex in the grass! beautiful.