Monday, June 15, 2009

Our little mystery

The storms in our life

"What's that? "Is it going to hurt?" "Why is it going to tickle?" "Why is it red there?" "What do these buttons do?" "When is it going to be done?" "How many more pictures can you take?" "Why is that area black?" "That row is full now, so are you done?" "When is it going to show the colors again?"

These are just a few of the questions Lucas bombarded the ultrasound technician with. Lucas loves anything mechanical and is extremely curious about it; he also has a tendency to talk A LOT when he is nervous. I don't think the poor guy was ready for us.

Why the ultrasound?

About three weeks ago Lucas starting going to the bathroom a lot; I am talking every 30 minutes, at good times he could make it a hour. Of course naturally I thought, bladder infection. Actually I first thought, oh no diabetes as one of my friends' sons just barely got diagnosed. So off to the doctor we went. No infections. Now the mystery began.

The doctor asked if he was constipated, apparently little kids being constipated has the same affect on a bladder as being pregnant. But no on that account. Is he often anxious, worries when Dad is coming home, etc. etc? She then asked. Bingo! Lucas has always been my little man that wears his emotions on his sleeve and gets overwhelmed/freaked out by a lot of things. A lot of his anxious behaviors have been subsiding but there is definitely that underlying issue.

So we were given a week to make sure it wasn't constipation, yep definitely not.. and well I graduated in psychology so of course I sat there for the life of me trying to figure out what could have triggered all this anxiety as it literally just started one day.

Then we went for an ultrasound on his bladder and kidneys. Another possibility is that he is going through a growth spurt and his bladder isn't keeping up. But he is still making it through the nights dry and not waking up having to go. I truly am stumped. We got the ultra sound results back, all good.

So the mystery continues. But after about three weeks it also seems to be getting a little better.

Oh and my sister-in-law called the other day saying her four-year-old started doing the same thing! Her doctor told her the stress/anxiety theory also and said it will last any from 10 days to a month.

Has anyone else had this happen??


  1. can't say we've delt with that one yet! i get so excited for ear infections and strep b/c the doc can just write us a perscription for them! it's so sad that i am happy when he has an ear infection, but it's just so exciting to have a treatable diagnosis!!!;-) you feeling me on this???

  2. Em, I totally understand what you are saying. The not knowing, the wondering is the worst part of it! I like to know what is happening and going on so just thinking, well it was probably this and will probably just go away on it's own.. so annoying!

  3. We haven't dealt with that one, but I can imagine your frustration! It is so hard going through test after test and then still having NO answers. Good luck to you and the little guy!

  4. Having something that is "treatable" is always easier. I had such issues with potty training with my girls, that I honestly can say I don't recall anything like this. Nerves, especially since he likes routines, makes the most sense. For me, what works with Kristin--as she is the same--we go over every detail of what is going to happen especially if it is something out of the ordinary. And we go over it more than once. Good luck.

  5. lol to all of his questions!! Cute little guy! I think I'm the same way! Man, I hate medical mysteries! How frustrating. I'm glad the results came back ok though, that's good.

    Keep us posted!

  6. At least the tests came back normal. And if it seems to be improving, maybe the whole "nerves" thing explains it, especially if he has a history of anxiety.

    Poor guy. Hope it resolves soon.

    And thanks for visiting my blog and suggesting Booksmart. I've never even heard of that one...but I'm gonna check it out.


  7. It is kind of scary when you can't figure out what is going on. I hope it will get better soon! (And I wish I had answers for you.)

  8. Hey thanks for visiting my blog. You move every 2 years? You must be a pro at it! Your little guy sounds so cute, if a little anxious lol. It's so interesting to watch them go through all their little stages. Good luck with this little hiccup.

  9. I've never heard of this before until Lucas and K, but hopefully it will go away on it's own soon. That is really hard. It's amazing how many problems/things there are. You just never can know them all!

  10. I hope things contiue to improve. Stress can do crazy things to your body. I have a stress kid...I used to give him a body rub down at night to help relax him and also lots of hugs and reassurance always helps. Plenty of transition time between activities too.

  11. My little one has occasional issues like this. She tends to hold it all in when she's excited and too busy to sit on the potty. She will then let a little bit of it go every fifteen minutes or so, which really used to freak us out since she would pee a lot over a two hour time span. Our ped says her behavior is normal and for us to just keep an eye on it.
    Glad to hear the ultrasound revealed that everything is okay. :)

  12. Thanks everyone so much for your advice and just being willing to listen. Things seem like they will be fine... I guess time will tell. I am just worried it will all flare up right before he starts kindergarten now, if it truly is a stress thing.