Friday, June 26, 2009

What next?

Alex is almost totally potty trained, for which I am extremely grateful. But lately she has developed this really annoying habit; she takes ALL of her clothes off to go potty.

"Miss, you don't need to take your shirt off to go potty!" I try and reason. "No, off!" She screams while taking her shirt off. A few times I have won and insisted that she keeps it on; other times I say oh well I don't want to fight this battle right now.

Why she started this I am not sure? When it will stop, I am not sure. But well at least this habit isn't as disgusting as the fact that she is always biting/sucking/kissing her toes.
Picture taken by Lucas
(while I was yelling at him to not take pictures of his sister going to the bathroom)

Do your kids have any interesting bathroom habits??


  1. Wow, I think this post falls into the TMI category! Paparazzi for a son and odd bathroom habits. ;)

    I do not think we ever had the take the shirt off, but Katherine sings at the top of her lungs everytime she goes into the bathroom. Shower or doing her business, she sings and sings.

    Since we are on the bathroom subject, I have a funny story. When Ryan was young, probably about 2, he had the flu and was throwing up all day. Night rolled around and rather than throw him in bed, he slept on the living room floor with a bowl at his side and I slept on the couch next to him. At like 1:00 am, he woke up and said he had to throw up and he didn't have his bowl.

    I jumped up and carried him quickly to kitchen because linoleum is quick and easy to clean up and the bathroom was too far. I then turned back to find his bowl in case he held a bit more. I found his bowl in the dark and turned around and saw Ryan, pants at his ankles, fridge door open, leaning against the fridge shelves asleep and peeing into the fridge!!! Yes, he was sleep peeing into the fridge! I yelled, Ryan, stop, you are peeing into the fridge!!! He woke up, stopped peeing, said what and I told him he was peeing into the fridge and he went down to the bathroom and finished while I was laughing so hard I thought I would have to pee!

    Apparently, he didn't have to throw up. He had confused full bladder with having to throw up feeling.

    Luckily, we needed to go shopping and the shelf was completely empty! I was never more tankful for drip proof fridge shelves in the fridge than I was on that day! It was an easy clean up and sterilization of the shelf.

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  3. This might be a "pick your battles" moment. Just have her get redressed when she is done. All will be fine. :)

  4. Hahaha! I am sorry but that is funny. Emily would sing too--like Katherine. Nicole did this as well. It provided great entertainment. As for the undressing, no she doesn't have to, but as long as she gets dressed again it's all good. If you really want her to stay in her shirt you could tell her she needs to get dressed herself. But that could lead to another battle. So, yeah, pick your battles.

  5. I love how the shirt MUST be taken off in order to go to the bathroom. I'm sure eventually she will get sick of it. Eventually??

  6. Ethan's gotten pee all over his shirt while going potty, so maybe it's not such a bad idea . . .lol.

    Hopefully she'll get tired of the habit in a short amount of time. . .at least she's basically potty trained, right!

  7. The best is at church in the stall; having to remove the shoes, the tights, the frilly underpants, the panties AND the dress! All while crammed in a 3x4 space.

  8. I used to take care of kids, this is totally normal, dont worry!

    Now try having a classroom full of two year olds who all want to do the same thing! LOL

  9. Caleb INSISTS on removing his shorts and underwear in the bathroom, then stepping OUT of the bathroom to fling them onto the carpet in the family room. NO idea why he does this, but he does. Very strange.

  10. No weird habits here, but that's really funny. I want to get a picture like that when I'm potty training my 2nd! :)

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