Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures

Our Saturday...

Jet skiing all morning with friends!
Did I mention I am totally sore and feel like I was riding a horse all day?

Naps for the kids from 4:30-5:30!?!

But that was okay because we were staying up late for these..

and this

Dancing to the music

And this

playing with friends

Oh, and we can't forget this

And did I mention these?

Plus I got to practice panning with my camera
and check out the results

Lucas' friends

It was a very fun Saturday!
If only all our weekends were this much fun!

Well... maybe it is good they are not
did I mention I am sore
and that I am sleepy?


  1. What a blast! Everything looks fun. I wish I could have a weekend like that occassionally too! Oooh, maybe my upcoming one will work. ;)

    and good job on the panning. I've tried and it's hard, you did great!

  2. Great job on the pictures. I don't know how I feel about jet skiing, but the fireworks I can deal with.

  3. Those pics are awesome! Looks like a blast of a weekend! I love that picture of the kids in the wagon. Very cool!

  4. jet skiing scares me so bad!! your brave :)

  5. Oh how fun! I can imagine how sore you must be. What fun activities you have going on right now.

  6. Lovely weekend indeed!! Who wouldn't love jet skis and fireworks?