Monday, June 29, 2009

The Babysitter Blues

Oh to get out and have a night free,
a babysitter is what is needed for me.

Make a few calls, no one is home
what am I going to do I begin to moan.

I need to get out, I need some rest
for everyone knows a happy mom is best.

Finally a babysitter is found
but then my jaw hits the ground.

The house is a mess
I'm full of distress

I really need a break
but I need to cook and clean and even bake a cake!

At this time when I really need out
I am up to my elbows cleaning the grout

finally it's done
now time for some fun!

But now I am tired because I've worked so hard
I might just have to give my regards

But no, I'll suck it up, as that is just life
cook, clean, work hard to be a good mom and wife

But the rewards are grand, the rewards are great
Eric and I had a wonderful date.

Written By: Emmymom

The cake I had to bake.. it wasn't just a good rhyme
it was true!


  1. That is too cute! I'm glad you had a great date. And that looks like a yummy cake!

    Not to rub your face in it or anything. We are at the point where our kids stay home by themselves. It's awesome.

    Oh and if you want to know what books I'm talking about on my blog email me and I'll tell you. I couldn't find an email address to email you.

  2. You are so funny, Em! :) And your cake looks adorable, and yummy! I'm glad you got to go out on a date, you deserved it!

  3. You are very talented! And that cake makes me hungry.

  4. I think you went above and beyond on that cake. It looks goooood.

  5. Thanks everyone! We had a party for the primary teachers/auxiliary leaders so I made a sheet cake, a 15X18 one. So it was a cake I decorated myself, no kids help wanted :)

  6. What a fun post to read. Do you have a pan big enough to bake a sheet cake?

  7. Rachel- I just bought a 15X 18 sheet cake pan last week. I don't think that is a true sheet, technically it is half or 3/4 or something.. but that is as big as will fit in a regular oven.
    I used three cake mixes!

  8. did you try calling me??? hahahahahaha JK