Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ten Things

June is nearly over! Time goes too fast.... time for
10 Things to Smile About This Month

1. Our squirrel friend who inhabits our backyard

2. The June Gloom coming to an end

3. Lucas being brave enough to give an awesome talk in primary!


5. Our anniversary

6. Jet skiing!

7.Watching Eric's joy when he saw the shirt Lucas made for him

8. Fireworks

9. Alex reading to me

10. The fact that Lucas loved and did good in his Little Critters class
(kindergarten here he comes!)


  1. Sounds like a great month! That's a great blog post!

  2. Great list. I really wish I could like sushi. I got food poisoning once after eating it, and I have never been able to stomach it since.

    P.S. Cute pet squirrel!

  3. I love your blog Emily, and I love your family. I can't believe how soon Lucas will be in kindergarten!

  4. Lucas is such a handsome little guy! Every time I look at your blog, I am impressed with your photography-it is awesome! I also loved your babysitting lament-I hear ya!

  5. Those are all wonderful things to be happy about! I like this idea. I may give it a try. Do you mind?

  6. So--Nope don't mind at all.. I do it at the end of every month.

    Thanks everyone, I do like taking pictures. :)