Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yep I'm Caving: My first Giveaway!

Okay so this morning I woke up and saw I now have 25 followers and I must admit it made me feel special... maybe it's some unresolved fulfillment of never winning a popularity contest in high school ;)

I truly do enjoy writing this blog and I love that there are people that enjoy it with me.

Last summer several ladies from my church decided we were going to have a craft boutique. I spent two wonderful months making lots of crafts excited for the big day. The day of the sale came.. and well I had fun visiting with the other sellers; it was a bust less than 20 people came! So I have a big bin full of crafts I made to sell including this
With the 4th of July fast approaching I thought this would be perfect! So My first giveaway! Yeah!

I am not going to make you jump through all sorts of hoops.. simply comment here saying you would like to win. Oh and what they heck, for a bonus vote follow my blog (and if you were already following me--I know who you are-- you will get not one but two bonus votes!)

So just comment saying you would like to win and if you are following my blog, simple enough.

You can comment through Saturday. On Sunday I will pick the random winner and hopefully ship on Monday so you can have it for well before the 4th.

Oh-and I don't think I have too many international followers but I am going to limit this to the continental US for shipping purposes.


  1. Love it, think it's cute and would like to win it! But.... since I'm the first to comment, the statistical possibilities have gone way down.... since you ARE so popular now. I started following you just recently, I'll admit, but I feel a bond as we both lived in AZ and now live elsewhere. I'm starting your couponing.... and love it. THanks for everything! (I have also commented on other posts as "Moss Family").

  2. You're so cute Emily. And your crafts are as cute as you! ;) I have enjoyed the crafty things you've given me in the past for sure which makes me feel a little guilty at the thought of winning, but only a little! I'd love it!! Love ya!

  3. Holly you have just as good of chance as it is going to be random. I am going to put names in a hat, multiple times if you get multiple entries and let my kids pick as they will think that is wonderfully fun! :)

    Good luck everyone

  4. Well, what a good time for me to find your blog. :) I'm sorely short on 4th of July decorations so I'd LOVE to win! :)

  5. I always need decorations. I am definitely lacking in that department! It would make my day to win! :)

  6. That flag is really cute...I wish I was more crafty.

  7. And I just looked and I was sure that I was already following you, but apparently I'm not because my picture isn't on there? I'll follow right now!

  8. YeeHaw! That flag is GREAT, Emmy! I would LOVE to win it! :) And I realized I wasn't a "Google Follower" per say, but I AM a follower...! :)

  9. Alicia, you are a Google follower! You have been for a little while now, go look at my followers and there you are :)

  10. I love it!! I love decorating my house for every holiday and my 4th of July decorations are just a little so please and to it. :)
    We love celebrating the 4th!!

    Let Freedom Ring!

    I follow your blog!!

  11. Sure, it's always fun to win stuff!

  12. What a cute craft, would love to be entered!! I just found your blog and am now a follower, great reading!!

  13. Now that is cool. I only have 3 followers. haha. Put me in the mix. It is because of you that I have made my blog more current.

  14. Every army, well almost every army home has one room that's red white and blue, mine is my kitchen and it would look great there year round.

  15. AND... I tagged ya!

  16. I smell trouble brewing in the world of Emmy Mommy Blog world. First, she gets 25 followers and then I see today, shortly after the announcement of the give away, you have 32 followers. No doubt people trying to get in on the bounty of the giveaway.

    Next thing you know, it will be contest day, Alex and Lucas will both try and pull a name at the same time and a fight will ensue. Lucas will insist it was his turn and Alex will cry saying why does he always get to go first, to which Lucas will conclude he is older and that is how it works. Screaming, weeping, wailing, nashing of teeth later and Eric will then be called upon to just pull a name and get this whole thing over with.

    Alex and Lucas will both be distraught that the name they pulled didn't win. You will post the results, and then the scandal will start. Lucas and Alex will post competing blogs about the social injsutices that happen at home. They will focus on how the first giveaway was rigged. They will post the names of the person they pulled and give reasons for why the name they pulled was the offical winner. People will start taking sides arguing across the 3 blogs about how the election results were rigged by the dicatorship government of the Emmy Mommy.

    Before you know it, the followers of your blog will be making signs and having protests outside your house. At first it will be the 3 winners all on the lawn, each with a sign. Then the followers of the blog will arrive and it will be 3 groups of about a dozen a piece.

    Then the local news will pick it up, and suddently the 3 blogs will have 500 followers a piece and the crowds on your lawn will grow to 400 people.

    Then the National news media will pick up the feed because of the crowds and the blogs and number of people on the lawn will grow to thousands. Your town will suddenly be engulfed with angered blog followers all demanding justice for their choosen candidate. It will be a scene of mass chaos. One group sitting on the lawn, all handcuffed together singing hippy songs of love about how their candidate should win.

    One group will have turned ferral and wild and be hiding amongst the bushes and the trees of the nearby forest preserve. Tales of people going missing being "taken" by the crazy followers who live in the bushes.

    The final group will begin arming themselves like a paramilitary group claiming they will take the prize by force if reason is not seen and it handed over freely.

    4096 character limit...part 2 in a moment...

  17. Chaos and pandmonium will break out and the fighting begin. The govenor will call in the National Guard, who will be repulsed at the ferrocity of the blog followers assult. The Army will be called in, the Marines will arrive, air support will be called in. President Obama will call the leaders of the group to come to a peaceful resolution before he has to use deadly force.

    The peace conferance will fall apart and all out war will be waged. Eric, Lucas and Alex will all call to their followers and say it is not safe and they will all take their follower to form their own nations so they can group together and better prepare for war.

    The wars will escalte, one side will result to biological warefare, one chemical warefare, the final will favor nuclear strikes.

    The final scene plays out with the world broken and destroyed and all that remains is the small prize of the giveaway laying in a muddy field of combat.

    Yup, no good can come of this contest giveaway. The end of the wrold is neigh at hand. I think, now that we have had a glimps of the future and what lies before us, it would be best to just send all the knick nacks to me and I will lock them away for safe keeping and we can overt the world war now before it ever begins.

    So just wrap those up in a box along with all the CHOCOLATE you own me becuase you stole all of yoru siblings cholcate when we were little as well and ship them my way! ;P

    Anyone new to my posts, I am her pretty insane older brother and I have an overactive imagination and do not have too many creative outlets so all that pent up creativity ends up in posts here on her blog...maybe I should just start my own blog but we do not want that war happening! ;)

  18. Aaron that is too funny! If it is okay with you I might just have to make a blog post of your response just to make sure no one misses it :)

    By the way is that your entry ;)

  19. Is that my entry? I all but claim that the world will come to an end unless you give me the prizes and you wonder if that is my entry?

    No, no need to enter me. I would have to get approval from the decorating committe at my house (Shelley) before I could accept a gift. Then I would have to go to the cleaning out/organization committe (Shelley) and see if they agree that we have the room to put something up. Then I would have to go to the Home Decorating committe (Shelley) and get approval to hang it and then they would generate a work order which would go to the Slave Labor pool (me) and I would have to hang it!

    If you want to post my diatribe, feel free. Make sure you post it quick though before Hollywood calls and wants the right to the story and makes it into the next made for tv movie, Blog Wars. I already have Blog Wars 1 and 2 sequels planned! ;)

  20. I love the flag. I want to WIN

  21. I am going to follow your blog from now on. I recently read some of your blog and love it.

  22. I hope I'm not too late! Just got back in town. I would love to win.

  23. Lynette- I got you entered!
    Thanks everyone, see you back tomorrow afternoon for the winner.

  24. This is the official entry into the giveaway.