Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kid's Book Review Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I love this week's book! I especially love the illustrations.

This week's book is Bunny's Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown with illustrations by Lisa McCue. Yes this is the same author that wrote the classic Good Night Moon.

This book is about a little bunny waking up and going throughout his day hearing the sounds of the world around him. The book is written in such a way that it almost demands interaction between you and your child. "Then he yawned. And what kind of noise was that?" The book questions.

This book would be a perfect book to read to a group of toddlers or preschoolers, pausing to let them answer the questions.

And the illustrations, simply adorable!

So if you are in charge of a Joy School, or a preschool or just want a cute book to read check out Bunny's Noisy Book.


  1. Oh...I love this one too!!! Stunning illustrations!! Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings, Sarah