Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photo Challenge: Editing Photos

Alicia's now has monthly photo challenges. This month's challenge was using a photo editing program to enhance and fix your pictures. I have been waiting all month to post these.

Imma Momma

I use a few different photo editing programs, but for this first one I used Picasa Photo editing, a free program through google.
This is a shot I took of Alex back in January. This was taken with my Rebel G Xti. I set my camera on the automatic no flash mode. Very cute picture I think, but then I did this.
I used the Focal B&W feature on Picassa. It is so simple, no drawling lines around anything, just simply adjusting the radius and intensity of the color area. Something so magical and precious about this one.

And anyone who has read my blog for a bit will remember this picture..

I used Pixelmator, an awesome but more complex photo editing software and added this.
And I recently did my first "family photo shoot". When we were in Utah, I took my sister-in-laws family photo. Let me just say, it was harder than I thought it would be. As I downloaded the pictures there were some good ones, but then there were ones like thisHello off centered (and not in a good way)! Hello shadows and bright spots!
But a little cropping, a few pushes of the antique button, edges blurred a bit (all done in iPhoto 09) and I got this
Thanks Alica for the great Photo Challenge!


  1. Oh these are wonderful!! I use mainly. So very odd you posted this today - I just put up the very same thing late yesterday on my new Photography blog...
    Wonderful shots hon!!!

  2. Great pics I love what a little "photo shop" will do.

  3. Talk about going from good to great! I love fixing things up and really making them your own. Super rad.

  4. Nicely done. I forgot about the challenge....I will try for August! You did great!!!

  5. I like the coloring change on our family picture. I can't wait to see them all. You're awesome!

  6. I love the old look on your sister in laws pic! Very cute! Don't ya just love photo editing software? It's the best!

  7. I really like how the family picture turned out! Good job!

  8. Hello! I was just surfing around on some photo blogs and I found yours through Alicia's challenge. I just love photography and have lots to learn. I love your family picture with that Antique button!!! Is that a free program or do you need to pay for it?

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