Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Review: Utah Trip-final two days

I am still trying to get settled back in after vacation, so I don't have a kids book review for this week. But next week and I will. Instead enjoy the last couple of days of our trip to Utah.

Day 5

After so many days of fun, we needed a more relaxed day. So we just went to the Gale Center in South Jordan, a free community children's museum. It teaches all about the history of the area and really is extremely cute, especially when you consider the price! The kids loved working at the Mine, playing in the grocery store, having school in the old school house and Lucas loved sending secret messages on the telegraph to Grandpa.
We ended the day by swimming in Papi and Mimi's neighborhood pool and watching a movie on Papi's awesome TV and surround sound when the kids were in bed.

Day 6

Our final day in Utah was the 24th of July. For any that may not know, in Utah this is a state holiday, also called Pioneer Day. And well in Utah, it is bigger than the 4th of July. Parades, parties, fireworks.. you name it. We avoided the crowds and went to Red Butte Gardens.
Alex loves her Mimi!

Our kids wanted to see the fireworks but it gets dark way too late in Utah, so instead we ended the evening with pizza from The Pie awesome Pizza place! (my life centers around food way too much) and then Eric put on a firework show for usLucas trying to wait for Eric to get the fireworks ready

My beautiful sister-in-law Rachel and her family waiting for the show

Let the Show begin!
The crowd thinned out some for the show...

half of the kids disappeared to here
a much quieter place to watch the show

But they came back out to throw the snap dragons
and to see the sparklers

It was a wonderful trip. We were sad to say goodbye.
And we are already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.


  1. It sure looks like you guys had a great time.....

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  2. Thanks for posting the picture of my family, it's really cute. I love the sparklers picture too. I'll make sure to post the Lucas ones with the sparklers on adrive soon!

  3. What a great journey! I will be sharing mine soon enough.