Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I did as a child--LIFE

When I was younger I loved playing the game of Life (the late 70's early 80's version). I had a little sister who was more than willing to play with me, but I would not let her. Why? Well, when I played the game of Life, I liked playing by myself.

I had a few special "rules" I would follow when I played by myself.
--First--I did not lose any money. If I landed on a Pay space, I simply ignored it and kept going.
--Second--In order for my person to "win", they had to get married, they had to have at least one kid (preferably a son first), and they had to make 1-million dollars.

Why these rules?

Well, this game of Life was a very special one, played by important people who were able to pass this tradition and honor to their oldest child. That child would then have the chance to make their parents proud. If they did not succeed by having a child and making 1-million dollars, then their parents were ashamed and the opportunity would leave their family and go to someone else.

Oh, and it gets better.

How did I keep track of all of this?
I made spreadsheets.

I had one sheet were I would list, their occupation, how many kids they had, and how much money they made (I think I even had a column for the number of cards they got--the ones you get when you land on Pay Day). If the child did not succeed, then a squiggly line would be drawn under that person to let everyone know a new family was taking over this privilege. I also had a few line graphs; one showed the total money earned from one person to the next.

I liked graphs and charts. I liked playing make-believe. How old was I when I still did this?
Well, I think I embarrassed myself enough for a day, that is classified information.

So now, link up! Share yours, I doubt it can be much worse than mine
(though I am secretly hoping it is!)


  1. Alright, I linked up. Now don't embarrass me by not reading and commenting.

    I loved this writing prompt, by the way. What a great idea.

  2. I didn't post about it, but I'll just share it here. When I was 13ish, I was IN LOVE with Leonardo DiCaprio and EVERYONE KNEW IT! (Because I wanted them too). about 2/3 of the largest wall in my room was collaged with posters of him! I was "Leobsessed", a word I even made up! It was harmless... and "safe", haha... he never really broke my heart, we just went our seperate ways!

  3. Alicia-- I don't think you were the only one that liked Leonardo DiCaprio.
    Though I don't think I could ever pick just one guy growing up, I had one poster of several different guys.... hmmm maybe that explains a few things about my teenage dating years :)

  4. That's hilarious!! I loved Life as a kid, too, though not quite to the extreme you did!

    I've shared my own mortification, too. Great prompt!

  5. Linked! Hey, I think your spreadsheets are genious! You could have given Bill Gates a run for his money. ;)

  6. That's so funny!! I loved that game too, but never quite to -er- that extent. :)

  7. Oh my goodness! A spreadsheet! You little nerd you! hahaha. I love it! How very organized and efficient. I think we all need to start a betting pool as to what age you were. :P

  8. I'm linked. Now back to finishing up my M.E.M. Come on by and read it, or I'll really be embarrassed.

  9. So I'm realizing now that I may have gotten the gist of this Mr. Linky a titch confused, and I hope you don't think I'm a complete spaz. It's been a hard week around here! It's been fun reading everyone's posts though.

    And I think it is really cute that you did spreadsheets for the game when you were young. You have great organizational skills :)

  10. Erin I am a bit confused by your comment, you did nothing wrong and your post and linking were perfect :)

  11. (I thought it had to do with an embarrassing thing in your childhood that had to do with playing make believe or playing games. And not just your most embarrassing moment.

    Although I guess I was playing a game when I peed my pants. Oops!)

  12. I didn't want to do this, but after reading the others I realized I totally could, ha ha, I took a dive, and what a dive it was :)

  13. Mine was kind of last minute, but hopefully it works. I had a hard time thinking of actual board games and barbie stuff, which you would think would be easy to remember! It's fun remembering this stuff:)

  14. Ok, Emily's brother here...

    If you would like to venture a guess at what age she was doing this with spreadsheets, I will add some incite to guessing.

    We had a Commodore 128 until 1996 when my dad bought a PC. The commodore did not have a spreadsheet program, so this whole adventure happened 1996 or later.

    She was also obsessed about playing Freddie Fish at this same time. That is a game geared for 4-5 year olds.

    Let the guessing begin.

  15. Okay Aaron, I guess I should have specified, my spreadsheets and graphs were NOT ones on the computer but just hand done on all of the graph paper that dad used to bring home.
    And I couldn't help it if Freddie Fish was a fun game :)

  16. Oh ... I just loved this! You made me feel so much less weird about my childhood. This was hilarious. I love the weird stuff we do as kids. Thanks for telling me about this post. I so enjoyed it.