Monday, August 10, 2009

The Count Down!

Today is Monday

On Wednesday this cute boy starts kindergarten!!
Tonight he will get a blessing from daddy

On Wednesday he has put in his request for his first day of school menu

Breakfast:French Toast
Lunch: Mac & Cheese
Dinner: Tortellini

Somehow I am going to have to sneak in some protein as he doesn't like sauce on his tortellini.

Plus he will get the red plate.

We have one red plate in our house. It was given to us at our wedding along with a poem.
It is a special plate to be used on special occasions or when you want to recognize someone. Lucas got it on his birthday, Alex recently got it when she stopped wearing diapers. He will definitely get it Wednesday.

He is so excited, we made a paper chain to help count down the days.

The knot in my stomach keeps getting bigger with every link that is pulled off. But I am excited too.

Ready or not here it comes.


  1. Good morning hon!! I am sooo with you here!! I am so excited for Nonni..but I know...I'm gonna be a wreck! You would think after doing this with 4 other would be easy. It just doesn't get any easier for me! I'm gonna cry I just know it!!
    Love the red plate!!! Great idea - my Mom had one too!!
    Blessings, Sarah

  2. We got the red plate for our wedding too! How exciting for Lucas. You can do strong! :)

  3. Oh so cute, good luck to him! And I'd never heard of it before, but I like that red plate tradition.

  4. I am sooo getting a red plate!! I wondered about that chain, and figured it was the countdown. I remember when Kristin went to school the first time. She seemed so small. And they are. It's a big step in their young lives. Bring your camera, write about it. It will be a great day. And it's so amazing to watch them soak it all in. Maybe you should get a blessing too.

  5. Its a good thing just think of the girl time at home.

  6. I love the red plate idea.

    Good luck with Kindergarten. It's a brave new world from here on out.

  7. I remember so vividly the first day of Kindergarten for my boy! I'm with ya!

    Love that you count down with a paper chain...what a clever mama!

  8. I can't believe it's really here! I can't wait to see pictures and see how his first day turns out. We'll be thinking about you guys!

  9. Exciting and scary. I'm right there with you. One thing that works for me, I focus on my other kids. While the older ones are gone, I will have the opportunity to spend more one on one time with the younger ones. It seems to help a little and gives a focus to my pain.

  10. Good Luck in school today Buddy! Good luck to you too, Emily. I'm sure it will be a great day and Lucas will do very well.

  11. How exciting for him to start school! I really like that red plate idea, what a fun tradition.
    On a side note, I'm not sure why my blog feed isn't updating. The only thing I can think of is because I changed my blog address to asliceofmissypie a few weeks ago, but my followers were never deleted so I figured everything worked out. I'm having some technical issues myself with blogger so hopefully it's just one of those temporary problems!

  12. This is a great photo, and don't worry - he'll be brave and you'll be brave and you'll love the time with just Alex.