Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kids Book Review Wednesday: And Some Ranting

On Facebook recently there was a poll asking should "In God We Trust" be removed from currency; this stemmed from a poll that has been up and running on MSN for a while now, which you can see here.

No matter what your exact religious view is, the majority of the people still do believe in some form of higher power.. And hey, this is my blog and I believe in God! It just makes me mad that an outspoken minority can say that we are trampling on their rights by trampling on ours in the process. John Adams, one of America’s Founding Fathers, insisted: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.”.

So, when I saw this book: The Berenstain Bears God Loves You, at the store recently I was more than happy to buy it.

I know I have already featured a Berenstain Bears book (read it here); but did you know that their son has actually taken over the business now. This is a great story, that has brother and sister trying out for basketball and the school play, respectively. When they both don't get the rolls they wanted they are feeling pretty bad and like no one likes them. The book ends with the message that God loves you, even if you don't get picked for the part or even when you make mistakes or bad choices; He still loves you, just like your parents still love you.

There is a whole set of religious Berenstain Bears books. And in a world that is trying to shun anything religious and good, I know I will happily spend my $3.99 to buy a copy. (Or you can get a used one on Amazon for just over a dollar--where I got this image from)


  1. Wow - thank you for this!! I adore the Berenstain Bears books - just bought one yesterday for back to school worries.

    I'll be getting this one as well. You're so correct about the "God" thing - it doesn't say "In Jesus We Trust." Some people think George Clooney is a god - and that's their right.

    Are there not larger issues that people need to get behind these days?

    Found you via SiTS - welcome!! Em

  2. So true I wish I could get more book that gave moral lessons.

  3. Great post! Good for you for standing up.

  4. There really should be more like this out there. . .

  5. Thanks for stopping by today. I see one of your favorite books is These Is My Words..have you read the two others in the series? They are just as good!=)

  6. I am not religious at all and yet I could not agree with you more. I am proud of the morals that our country was founded on. Removing stuff like that from our currency and our pledge of allegiance is silly. Not sure if I would buy the book, because again, I am not sure where I stand on God. It's like all this crazy business the last few years about the Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays debate. It's CHRISTMAS TIME for crying out loud. Seriously people. If someone says to me "Happy Hanukkah" I am not going to freak out and sue them! I am just going to say, "thanks but I celebrate Christmas. you have a great Hanukkah" and think nothing more of it. I dunno, that's just my take on it all. *shrug*

  7. I had no idea they had religious books, too! That is awesome I will have to check that one out!