Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kids Book Review Wednesday

One of the main rules of couponing and saving money is to plan, write a list and stick to it. I have been couponing for a couple of years now and have gotten really good at this. But then Ralphs had to go and play a really dirty trick on me.

They have an end of the row (well it is usually the middle of a row) display that I cannot resist.

No not chocolate (I buy that at the checkout)

Children's books.

They have a big bin of assorted books on sale! Sometimes as low as $3.00.

And these aren't just little paper backs, they are beautiful hard cover books with beautiful pictures.

And one of the evil temptations books I found is this weeks Kids Book Review.Fred and the Little Egg by Julia Rawlinson illustrated by Jane Massey.

The story is of a little bear who sees some swans laying on their eggs. He decides he wants to hatch an egg and so his little adventure begins. The swans don't like it when he tries to borrow one of their eggs. So, he settles for an acorn he finds, what he believes is a little brown egg.

It is a cute story that teaches about nurturing and taking care of things and it has adorable illustrations.

So even though I broke all of my couponing rules, I am happy with this impulse buy. The book was well worth it.


  1. Books are almost always a good impulse buy. Your description of Fred and the Little Egg reminds me a lot of Duck and Goose. If you liked Fred you ought to see if your library has Duck and Goose by Tad Hills. Beautiful pictures and a very well written entertaining story.

  2. You're so naughty! It looks like that was a great buy! i can't believe how expensive kids books can be so good job!! It looks like a good one!

  3. Great find! I love children's books and I love when I find them for a bargain like at yard sales. A good place to find brand new ones for half off or more is