Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clothes are Not for Bros

I am not a girly girl. I wouldn't call myself I a tom-boy either... I guess I am just a happy medium. While I wouldn't wear sweat pants and a t-shirt in public; I really don't care too much about clothes. But then something happened.

I had a girl.

I still don't buy clothes for myself very often.. but Alex is another story.

Take our recent purchase from the end of summer clearance from Children's Place

Alex's clothes...............Lucas clothes

As you can see Alex has just a few more outfits that Lucas.

But don't worry I don't neglect him. He gets lots of toys. I often come home from the store with toys for Lucas and clothes for Alex.

Am I the only one??

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  1. I haven't had my boy yet, but I do love me some girl clothes. I've definitely noticed that boy clothes just aren't very cute, so I could see this happening very easily.

  2. I'm am so that way too there just aren't as many cute/ handsome boy clothes and girl ones are sooo much funner to buy. e hit the outlets last week and all boys got was 1 pair of robees a backpack and 1 shirt. and that was for 2 boys the girls well that's a different story...

  3. You are most definitely NOT the only one. I do it too. With two boys and two girls, they team up on me to complain about the wardrobe injustices.

  4. This is totally me! My son could care less what kind of clothes I bought him, but my daughter is all about pink and ruffles. I still like to sneak in the occational new outfit for myself, too!

  5. Well i don't have kids BUT im pretty dang sure im gonna do the same thing! :)

  6. I had girls first, and I had oodles of pink dresses, purple dresses. Frilly and ruffly. I would always hear how there just wasn't enough boy stuff to choose from. I thought that was a bunch of hogwash! Then I had Ryan, and I realized how true it is. It's not fair. So it's not just we are gravitating to the girlie stuff, it's also there is so much for the girls.

  7. Little girl's clothes are DANGEROUS! They are just too adorable to pass up sometimes! Akira has WAY more than she needs! It is so fun though!

  8. I SO do this too. I don't feel bad though. My boys never wear what I want them to anyway. For them its the same three or four t-shirts over and over.

  9. I told the hubs that it's a good thing our first baby was a boy or I would have put us in the poor house with the all the girly clothes!