Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It Was Wild!

Yesterday we went to the Wild Animal Park

Lucas had conversations with Dinosaurs
Though we tried to hide from this guy

Alex LOVED every animal, calling them her friends

We measured up with gorillas

And the highlight
we fed the birds!
It was a great day!

Don't forget to write your sleeping post for Thursday
Don't worry if you don't have pictures!
Just write it up and let us know your funny story!


  1. i've already got one in mind. less words, more pictures though;-)

  2. I love zoos that let you feed the birds definitely a high light.

  3. what an awesome place! Love the photos.

  4. We're going to a petting zoo this week and feed those rainbow birds! Now I am really excited about it.

    See you Thursday with my sleepy story. ;)

  5. I love the pictures. I want to go there. I can't believe they got to hold the bird. I love birds. I'm so jealous!

  6. Wow! Now that is a fun way to spend Labor Day. Alex looks so cute feeding the bird. Cool experience!

  7. Too cool. I think it's really neat that Alex let the bird sit on her arm like that.

  8. How fun, love those eyes on the bottom picture!

  9. Looks like a WILD time! Glad everyone had so much fun!