Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kids Book Review Wednesday: Old Time Dinos

On Monday we were lucky enough to catch the last day of the Dinosaur exhibit at the Wild Animal Park in southern California. As we got near the entrance Lucas heard some of the dinosaurs roaring. He was then afraid to go in as it was going to be too loud. Luckily we convinced him to go in, and luckily what he heard was as loud as it got (except for that big guy over there) and he loved it.

It was fun to see the dinosaurs and it made me remember one of my favorite books growing up.

If the dinosaurs came back by Bernard Most. This is an old book, written before I was born (but just barely)--but you still can get it in print today!
This book tells all of the things the dinosaurs could help us with if they came back today, like scaring away robbers or carrying "my daddy to work and back".Most of the things are extremely far fetched as to how it would really be if the dinosaurs came back but they are all wonderful things that only a child (or someone who is still close to their inner child) would think of. The illustrations are in black and white except for the dinosaur; but there is something so simplistic and enticing about them.

So if you have any dinosaur fans in your house you will love this book. It even shows you the correct name of the different types of dinosaurs at the end of the book.

Happy Reading!!

And come back tomorrow for some great sleeping stories!!