Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zzzzzz They Fell Asleep How??

Okay, I am excited to see what sleeping stories we get today! And with no further adieu, here are my stories from my oldest to youngest.

Eric has this uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere. Anywhere, anytime under any circumstance. If he sits still for a minute, he will be asleep. This has led to many funny late night conversations which he falls asleep half way through. Did I tell you he can sleep through kids jumping and climbing on him? I am completely envious of this ability.

When Lucas was just a little two-years-old he was beginning to think he did not need a nap anymore, much to my dismay. On one such day after he was in his room for a while I said he could come out and play. He asked if he could go play in the backyard. I was more than happy to oblige. I heard him talking to him self, playing and laughing.

After a while I realized I had not heard anything for a while. "Lucas" I called out the door. No reply. "Lucas" I called again. I began to panic. "Did he get out the gate?" I wondered, "No of course not, he can't even reach the top of the gate to open it." I hurried outside, and were did I find him? Asleep ON the teeter totter! I was tempted to get my camera but I was afraid he would fall off, so instead I carried him back inside.. "silly boy, you still need a nap" I whispered.
Yes he fell asleep on this

Just last week Alex did not take a nap. She will only nap for me a few days a week now. On one of these non nap days she was watching her brother play some games on the computer. I was enjoying the time catching up on some reading and getting ready to make dinner.
"I'm hungry!" Alex complained as she came over and stood by me. "I'm going to make dinner in a minute." I replied. No response. "Alex, Alex?" she fell asleep, standing up, her head leaning on my leg. "Silly girl, you still need a nap." (oh and this is the second time she has fallen asleep standing up)

Okay your turn!! Can't wait to hear your stories, see your pictures, whatever it may be. So link up!


  1. Oh shoot I forgot..Already posted this morning...but will share a story here this time if that is ok...When Fox was very little we worked a horse ranch one summer. We were suppose to have a mobile home..turned out to be a bus!!?? With no water and one light plug - with enough juice to run one little thing! I learned how to cook almost anything on an open flame!! was a ranch and there were mice in the bus. I woke up one night and there was a little mouse sitting very nicely on my knees just looking at me. LOL she scampered off..I didn't get back to sleep. We brought one of the cats in the next day!!
    Next week I will tell my GS camp story.... Hugs, Sarah

  2. my sleeping protige has not been cooperating the last 2 nights. he does what i want to post 50 times a night...except the last two nights. sigh. patient i'll be...but hopefully not in the outcome of missing all of the fun! waaaahhhh!!

  3. Sarah did you scream?? I totally would have! Thanks for sharing

  4. My son fell asleep with a bagel in his mouth, on his back legs spread wide open with one hanging off the bed. So cute!!

  5. I am going to post mine now. While it is truly maddening that Eric can sleep through all that....aren't you glad that you don't. Imagine the chaos!

  6. My Dad con fall asleep anywhere also, it made for a fun time at church to watch him sleep on the stand.

  7. Isn't it amazing how kids fight sleep ... but then it can overtake them at the strangest moments? These were so amusing!! And I thought I was a champion sleeper -- but not even I could sleep with kids climbing on me!

    I do have video of my son when he was a baby falling asleep in his high chair -- it is just so cute and funny.

  8. Wouldn't you love to be able to fall asleep anywhere?
    What a talent would that be! I might even trade in one of my current talents, if I could get that!

  9. umm m m m. . . I just realized, there are no pictures of my Shorty sleeping. I have known all along that i haven't taken enough photos, but this proves it.

  10. LOL. My husband and I have the same problem. 3...2...1...he's asleep. Late night conversation over :) I'm hoping I get to this by the end of the day!!

    I need to learn from you and schedule a post ahead of time.

  11. My husband does the exact same thing!!! I will try and do a sleep post sometime this week I have photos to prove it!

    My littlest one has a habit of falling asleep while eating. It's a good thing she doesn't like soup. She might drown!

    I have the sweetest photo of her asleep in her high chair.

  12. That is hilarious! My kids never fall asleep anywhere but their beds. Their daddy cursed them.

  13. Man...I missed this one! I have the BEST story too, with a picture! Grrr! I'll post about it soon anyway, and let you know!