Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kids Book Review Wednesday: Fall Time!

It's September! Fall is coming! I really do think fall is my favorite season. Not only does it have Halloween and my birthday, but who doesn't love crunching and jumping into big piles of leaves?

Who Loves The Fall? Well that is actually the name of one of the books I chose for today!

It was a hard to find good fall books, lots of good Halloween ones, but I wasn't ready for those yet. But I did find two I like.

Who Loves the Fall by Bob Racska
and The Leaves Are Falling One By One by Steve Metzger.
Who Loves the Fall asks that question and answers it throughout the book. "Who loves the fall? Rakers, leapers, corn crop reapers." The book rhymes throughout and is a quick simple read, perfect for that quick bed time story.

The second book is The Leaves Are Falling One By One. This book can be read or sang to the tunes of The Ants Go Marching. It shows kids enjoying the fall and playing in the leaves, one of the best parts of fall.

I grew up in Illinois. I remember playing in my neighbors yard and in the fall there was a tree that was off limits, unless you wanted to end up covered in maple. I loved watching the leaves change colors. Unfortunately, the last several years we have lived in climates that don't have a real fall. It would get cooler, but no leaves falling off trees in Mesa.

We did, however, live for a couple of years in Durango, Colorado. Durango had the most perfect fall that would last from the end of August through the end of November. It was wonderful! The cool crisp air, the leaves everywhere. Lucas enjoyed it, he doesn't remember but he loved the leaves...
most of the time.
Do you have a favorite fall book?


  1. I have a book...somewhere...that is called Happy Halloween, Emily. I will have to find it and show it to you.

  2. Pumpkin Pumpkin

    I can't remember the author (last name starts with a T)

    How is that for helpful?

  3. Hahaha, those two pictures are absolutely adorable. Thank God it doesn't come with an accompanying audio clip.

  4. We love Julius's candy corn a great counting book.

  5. I can't think of any book on fall right now, but I do love fall. Here in AZ I just saw we are going down to only 99 degrees for the weekend. So I guess that means fall can’t be too far behind. ;)

  6. No fall books off the top of my head, but I love fall!! I had my first two babies in Phoenix and missed the seasons! Now we're on the East Coast and there is nothing that can compare to fall out here. LOVE IT!

  7. Love those photos and I love Fall. It is my favorite season.

  8. You're a good mom and a good blogger, Emmymom! Miss you guys!