Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Knot Grows

So today starting at 4:00 PM my time the Internet is forbidden.

Today my BYU Cougars play!!

The game is on at 4:00, but we are not watch
ing it until the kids are in bed

That means no Internet, no text messages, no phone calls practically until after we watch the game.

We are shutting down as we don't want any hints as to what happens in the game until we can see it.

So have a great Saturday, and I think I am going to be sick with anticipation!


  1. Got to LOVE DVR, also you can watch it much faster with that little 30 sec. button. Enjoy the game.

  2. Stopping by from the Sits Saturday thing...what are the odds that we'd have BYU and other significant things in common!

    Happy Saturday to you.

  3. Go Cougars! We'll have it on at Grandpa and Grandma's, where we're going for dinner!

  4. No problem just plug your ears, shut your eyes and go, "LALALALALALALALALA I'M NOT LISTENING!" haha. Have a good day and enjoy the game.

  5. Go Cougars! I went to the Y but my hubby went to the U so he loves BYU for every game except one :)

  6. AAAHHH!! I get to watch this in the WILK!! I'm so super excited!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! GOOO COUGARS!!!!!

  7. Ha, you sound like my husband! He avoids all communication if we have to start the game late. He's at the game today...and I'm so jealous! GO COUGARS!!

  8. haha we brought out my old tv from high school and plugged it in for brennan with little mermaid playing. two tvs in one room makes for two happy parents able to watch the byu game live;-) but now we've left it out and he can't walk down the hall without turning it on to watch a movie. guess that backfired a bit. oh well.