Monday, September 28, 2009


Growing up I always had a dog.

I loved having one. I would play with her... and well that was probably about it.
I think my mom did all the hard work.

As I have become an adult, my desire to have a dog has greatly decreased.

I already have two children I have to watch and take care of, so why would I want a dog?

I like being able to just get up and go without worrying about who is going to take care of the dog.

So last week, it was a bit of a challenge to watch not one, but two puppies all morning!

The puppies wanted to be pet constantly.

They also needed water.

The followed me all around the house, including in the bedroom.. which was a big no no growing up.

Luckily there weren't any accidents.

And they really liked being in their cages, though I kept having to help them back in.

And well they were two of the cutest puppies I have ever seen.
My two puppies.


  1. The two cutest I've seen too! Looks like fun!!

  2. I love your puppies! My hubby wants one for our son, I am going to have to let my son morph into a puppy for him. So adorable!

  3. we almost got a puppy before we had brennan. i thank my lucky stars we never got the puppy. i now realize i don't want a puppy until i'm done having babies. we'll see if i win this battle...

  4. Your kids are so cute. I grew up with dogs too. I even had a few that all ended up having to be given away. I can't deal with the potty training, the pee and poop on my carpet and stuff. And then having to take them for walks and picking up poop outside and the smell of pee outside and it ruining your lawn.

    So I got a kitten instead and although she is a pain in the butt sometimes, I think she is way better than a dog. She came potty trained, never had an accident in the house. Her litter box DOESN'T SMELL at all. I know I was shocked at this, but they have some great litter now. She is super friendly even cries for you to hold her. She is playfull and doesn't hide or run away from you.

    I think if you really want a pet, get a kitten, but make sure it's a friendly hand raised kitten. When we are not home she stays in our bedroom, she doesn't claw at anything as we provide her with a ton of toys and I clip her nails every week.

    i'm sure you could tell we love our kitten by all my posts. lol

  5. Cute puppies, I am so with you on not wanting a dog right now. We dog sat a few weekends ago and I enjoyed having the dog here when we wanted her and I enjoyed taking her next door when I didn't. My count, kids 6 dogs 0.

  6. Those dogs are great! I never thought of cages. Hahaha. And there is usually at least one dog in the house at some point.

  7. Those are the most perfect puppies, EVER and you can feed them table food. What an ideal plan. Super cute post. So clever!

  8. My little ones play puppy all the time. The only problem is we have a real puppy and they like to use his kennel and bowls to pretend with.

    Can you say yuck?

    Every kid needs a dog.

  9. That is so cute! Sometimes I feel like my puppy is my kid!

  10. I have some puppies just like this! So so cute!