Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Sabbath Day...

This Sabbath Day I am grateful for:

a preschool Lucas loves,
and teachers who love him back

simple and pure faith of a child
and seeing prayers answered

a husband who works extremely hard
even when it is really tough sometimes

family that loves me and accepts me

and mostly my Savior Jesus Christ
who makes everything possible

Please take the time to remember
what matters most.


  1. My family is what matters most to me. Without them everything else would be meaningless

  2. Beautiful reminder. Thank you.

  3. glad to see you focusing on the positives this morning;-)

  4. My kids who love me even when I am grumpy mean mommy.

    My husband for knowing when I need to lay down to conquer the migraine before it conquers me.

    The gospel in my life. Without it, I am not sure where I would be.

  5. Too fun! I followed a link over from Carolyn's place - our blogs have similar titles and I just couldn't wait to see yours:)

    Very fun and a beautiful family!


    It's fun to read about your days right now since they are quite different from my own :)

  6. I loved this talk. Thanks for posting this reminder.