Friday, September 18, 2009

Funny Friday: Indocrination

As a parent you begin teaching your children immediately. Teach them to sleep, teach them how to eat, etc. etc. And well, you can't help but teach them a few things you want them to like along the way.

"BYU is the best school, you're going to love BYU when you get bigger."
"Blue is Daddy's favorite color, it is better than pink right?" (You can read how well that worked here)

So the other day, let's just say Eric was nearly bursting with pride when Lucas said this:
"Did you know its hard to buy a computer. But it's easy to buy one at the Apple Store."

Ahh, yes a fine day when our educating has paid off.

Oh yeah, and the 20 minutes of Get a Mac TV ads that Lucas watched might have helped.
My boys outside of the Apple Store in Chicago


  1. LOl sounds like my son with billboards. I think he has an obsession with them as he's always wanting everything he sees on a billboard!

  2. They listen to us more then we think.

  3. Kristin wants to go to BYU. But then she wants to be in the movies too. hahaha.

  4. Ethan still thinks the apple store is where you get apple pie! haha. Maybe someday we'll say goodbye to our PC.

  5. Oh if only my husband would let us get a Mac...

  6. oh the mac..
    it's worth it. :)

    thanks for stopping by to read my post it notes! maybe you'll join me on tuesday. :)

  7. Oh too funny... but I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes sure those things are learned at an early age by the wee ones. We root for MY teams and like MY colors ;)

  8. Indoctrination rules! We're good at it around here too!