Thursday, September 17, 2009

If You Give a Mom a Moment...

I know my title is actually the name of my blogging friend Erin's blog, but the title of this post was inspired from a writing prompt by Mama Kat on Mama's Losing it.
So with no further adieu...

If You Give a Mom a Moment
If you give a mom a moment
she's going to take a little nap.

And when the kids see that she is sleeping
that's when they will begin wailing and weeping.

And when they begin to weep and shout
Then mommy's rage will come out!

"I need some sleep, I need a rest!"
For we all know a happy mom is best.

So the kids will settle down and watch TV,
and mom will lay back down with glee...

but by then she is wide awake
mom's just never get a break.

So if you give a mom a moment,
and she tries to get some sleep

chances are this time will end
with mommy shouting *bleep*.And for fun--the latest spot I found Eric napping
if you missed that post you can find it here


  1. A nap - *sigh* why is it asking so much to have one???

    Great job! :-)

  2. So true, Love it. I need a nap and its only 9am

  3. what the?? LMAO I guess I'm going to have to ead that post. How the heck did he fall asleep like that. OM MY lol lol lol

  4. He isn't seriously sleeping like that, is he? Men. They have it so easy! lol

    thanks for stopping by today!

  5. I love this prompt. Very clever. I like it.

  6. I can't even believe he arranged himself like that AND fell asleep. I have to be in a completely darkened room, with a ceiling fan and the right blanket and I still can't sleep. Lucky Eric! Cute post!

  7. Oh Eric, that is too funny. And your poem is cute too!

  8. He ended up sleeping like this as he was playing a game with Lucas. What you can't see is that the couch is pushed out and they had a fort or home built back behind the couch, so he was back there with Lucas, and he lay down while playing and was asleep. :)

  9. Here's to naps - we all need more of them!

    It looks like Eric may be really in need of more nap time too.

  10. Why is a nap so much to ask!?! Great work mama!

  11. Thanks for visiting me! I'm on my way over to figure out how your poor hubby fell asleep like that?!

  12. Whahahahaha I looove it!!! Giggle, Snort!!! This is my very favorite series of books for preschoolers - I love her version..heehee. I love that picture of Eric..OMG how did he fall asleep there - I'm crying I'm laughing so hard..thank you hon - great post!!!! Snort!!Sarah

  13. Me thinks you and I are peas in a pod. Me thinks our husbands are too, I can totally see Mr. Sime sleeping like that.

  14. I wish I could fall asleep anywhere at any time. I'm always tired. It's worse with teens than it was when they were little. They stay up so late!!!!

  15. What a fun "story" (although I'm sure every bit of it is true) :)

  16. That poem was perfection!!! I know whenever I get a moment, I try to sleep!

    And are you sure your son isn't a narcoleptic!!??? that is crazy that he can sleep like that!!! (I admire it.)

  17. Did he wake up in any kind of pain??? Hahahaha! That is too funny. I loved your poem too. Fun.

  18. That is adorable and so true!

    How did he even fall asleep like that?

  19. I can't belive that he fell asleep in that position,

    and bonus, you got a picture of it.


  20. Great picture!

    Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!

  21. Love it! Oh how I would love to have a moment!!

  22. I LOVE your poem! So cute and clever. Yesterday I was trying to take a nap and the kids kept coming in and bugging me. I finally asked, "why is it that when Daddy takes a nap you never go and ask HIM questions every 2 minutes?!" And it's true! A mother's lot in life, I guess. :) But I should add that Matt finally came and shut the door so they'd quit bugging me.

  23. That picture makes me sleepy! hahahha Great poem!