Monday, October 12, 2009

Celebrate Good Times!

Last week Lucas turned five and this week his cousin-buddy Ryan turns four. So what did we do? We have a combined party. The party was on Saturday. Eric was gone Friday night and most of the day Saturday for the 11-year-old Scout camp, so it was up to me to get things ready. I was all set though, I work well under pressure!

About half-way through Saturday, I began to wonder if I am really a masochist and thought I might have left a bit too much to handle. Luckily Eric got home a hour sooner and saved me. So we were ready for the party to begin.

Lucas loves Legos, so I made him this
(more about this tomorrow)
And pinatas are always fun
Is the pinata ever going to open??
(and our
lovely lawn)
Lourie getting the kids all ready
Yep-some of you might recognize this lady--
did you know that Lourie from CA Girl is my cousin-in-law

And Lucas' best cousin-buddy (as we call him) is her son Ryan

And of course there were the cakes
(Ryan's aunt made his cake)

Alex thoroughly enjoyed hers

but she also helped clean up
(her cheesy smile)

It was a great night,
the kids had fun,
the adults were able to socialize
and no one got hit by the the bat.

Happy Birthday Lucas and Ryan


  1. Looks like a wonderful party. We once had a pinata that wouldn't bust and my ex-husband had to take a saw to. He tried to bust it first, but he was making little kids cry, so he switched to the saw.

  2. Love the cake! I can't wait to hear more about it.

    Looks like a great party.

  3. Was that a edible lego cake? GREAT job! I love all the colors!!

    Looks like you all had a blast, double parties are the best. who the heck doens't love a pinata!! I know I do.

  4. Cute stuff as always! :) I love that last picture by the way, adorable and classic!

  5. Kids are so much fun to watch at Birthday parties! The cake looks like Mom went to quite a lot of work for the must share!

  6. Holy cow, I am so impressed with your cake-making skills! Looks like a fun party-what a cute momma :)

  7. That cake is awesome!

    I love the last picture! Looks like a great party!

  8. The Lego cake is darling - nice work! I love Alex's little shirt/sweater combo. Such a cute girl!

  9. Love the lego cake!!!

    Looks like a fun time for all.

  10. Nobody got hit with the bat. hahahahaha. It was lots of fun. I am glad we got to do that.

  11. What a fun party, what a fun cake! So cool!

  12. It's always a good time when no one gets hit with a bat. What a fun party! And I love that you celebrated it together! I have a cousin that is four days younger than me and I loved it when we celebrated out birthdays together. It was the best.

  13. My sons are obsessed with Legos. You have just given me the best idea for Jax's birthday!!!

    Thank you for sharing your brilliance.

  14. Happy B-day to Lucas! I love the new look to your blog. I appreciated the tribute to your MIL; I am also lucky to have a terrific MIL and feel so sorry to hear about everyone else's horror stories. BTW, I've never seen it spelled "Melidee" before-- cool!

  15. Looks like a fun time was had by all.