Monday, November 30, 2009

Ten Things

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

1. Thanksgiving--i.e. family, food, stuffing, sparkling cider

2. The double rainbow that appeared right when the
vs. Utah game was starting.. BYU won!

3. A wonderful husband who is always so thoughtful of me

4. Egg Nog is now available in the stores!
mmmm Southern Comfort!

5. Celebrating Alex's 3rd Birthday

6. Cooler Weather and an excuse to wear jackets and boots

7. Watching the hundreds of crows fly to the
trees behind our house every e

8. Having the courage to try out for the musical
--even if I didn't make it in the end

9. Finding hours of fun using mostly just a rope

10. Picnics in the backyard

Other lists can be seen here.


  1. Go cougars! Put the navigation bar in your content wrapper, not the header. I gave better instructions in the comments of my blog :)

  2. The photo of your hubby looks so much like mine, I was taken aback to see it. Then Keith came into the room, saw the photo and said "Daddy!" Weird! I think it could be the shirt (Hubs has the same one) or the glasses. I am not sure, but thought it was pretty funny.
    Love your list! I may have to start a list of things that make me happy each month. Wonderful idea! Way to accentuate the positive!

  3. Love the new background! Love the list. Alex, so cute and excited for her birthday! haha.

  4. Love your lists I need to do something like that. Looks like a great month.

  5. You have a hot dog machine!! I so want one!

    LOVE that last picture. So darling.

    And GO COUGS!

  6. the flowers are gorgeous. What a lucky woman :)

  7. You are just the most darling. Your blog is darling, your photos are, your activities with your kids! Everything! So wishing we could see you!

  8. I love that last shot. You are so talented!

  9. What a great list. My bro-in-law was super sad about the game though. Poor guy :)

  10. The egg nog cometh.

    It is a very good time of year.

    I can hardly walk past the diary case without buying a quart.


  11. Wonderful the string game...and the courage:) I also like the new blog bling..wonderful:) Sarah

  12. That double rainbow must have been good luck;)
    I LOVE egg nog too, but I haven't given in to the temptation just yet. Sounds like a wonderful month.

  13. You always do such great thankful lists!

  14. Your monthly lists are so fun, I just love them. Hooray for cooler weather, egg nog and winning teams!

  15. I agree...I was there for some of these things...sure was fun to see you guys!

  16. Love the list and love your new holiday layout. Super cute!

  17. That rainbow and the flowers are just beautiful.