Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Week: The Recap Part 1

Before December is over I figure I had better tell about Christmas. We have been having a lot of fun as my parents and little sister are here from Illinois. So, between them and my older sister and her family that live close by, we have had a big crowd.

On Christmas Eve we got together and made our gingerbread houses, out of graham crackers, the easiest way to go.

My dad helped Alex build her house so I could get some pictures of the event
Lucas and Eric of course had fun, how could they not with all of that candy

Left: Alex's and my Dad's house Right: My house

Left: Eric's house Right: Lucas' house

Alex just kept trying to eat her house
We then lite a fire
(my kids and my nieces)

And acted out the nativity story...I think this baby is ready to come!

And for a Christmas Eve treat....
11 1/2 weeks


  1. That's so fun to have family visiting for Christmas:)
    My girls were all about eating the candy off their gingerbread houses too. I think they made a meal out of it.
    You look great, and yay for almost being done with your first trimester!

  2. Oh wow, Emily...THANKS for the belly picture...I love it! The houses are cute, but my favorite is Alex/Mary having a baby...:)

  3. Congrats Emily!!! And awesome pictures of the ginger bread house party.

  4. You are so stinking cute with your baby bump it's not fair. We didn't make any gingerbread houses this year and my kids are sad. We just couldn't cram in even one more activity. Now that I see how much fun you guys had, I wish we'd crammed a little harder.

  5. Aaaaah! What a cute baby bump! And what fun you had with your family! I love the gingerbread houses... we just made graham cracker cookies with our house making materials.

  6. You are just the cutest mommy-to-be!

  7. sooooooo cute! love the gingerbread houses and your cute belly shot.

  8. Hey Emmy,
    Gingerbread houses are the best as we discovered this year. You are rockin that baby bump already. Nice work. Looks like your home is a wonderful place to spend the holidays. Thanks for letting me stop in and for visiting. You are so sweet and gentle and benevolent while I am clearly none of those things. Please do not banish me for being such a heathen. I would miss your blog too much.

  9. You look so cute with your little tummy! It's amazing how beautiful all pregnant women look to me when I'm not pregnant.

    Your Christmas photos are so fun.

  10. You have a cute little tummy Em. And the way time flies, you'll be great with child (just like Alex) before you know it. hee hee :)

  11. Looks like you had a great time! Love the gingerbread houses.

  12. Well congrats to you ... you look adorable!!!!!! That was a nice little surprise at the end of your post!

    And I'm so going to try the graham cracker houses next year. That looks much easier.

    And the nativity photo is just priceless ... I think "Mary" is dilated more than 10 inches and needs to lay down before "Baby Jesus" lands on his head!!!

  13. EMMY! What a great, great surprise - umm probably not for you, but for me! I can't believe the little bump you have at 11 weeks, so cute!

    The gingerbread houses are cute too, but they've got nothing on you!

    Congrats again.

  14. I guess I haven't been checking in often enough. How did I miss that you are preggo? Congrats!!!

  15. Okay, these pics were awesome but you know which one is my favorite? Your preggo bump because (I know you have talked about this before, but..) you totally look like you are contributing to the teenage pregnancy stats! hahahhaha I love it!

    The gingerbread houses are super cute!

  16. Wonderful memories all the gingerbread houses especially Lucas' house. Congrats on 11 weeks and counting you look so cute.