Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Week: The Final Recap

Christmas was fast approaching. I had a good stack of presents I had already gotten for the kids, thinking I was awesome for being done early. "Did you ever ask the kids what they want?" Eric asked me... when I realized I had not!

So, one morning I asked: "Lucas what do you want for Christmas?"
Lucas: "I am just going to tell Santa, it's a secret."

I sat there stumped, what could I do? I was going shopping tomorrow. Lourie was going to watch both of my kids for me so I could shop in peace all morning. We weren't going to see Santa until that Saturday.

"Maybe we should write Santa a letter." I suggested.
He took the bait! So we sat down and wrote a letter, a dancing robot truck, a Lightning that shoots missiles and flies, and a car that drives on the walls and ceilings. He knew exactly what he wanted; none of which I had already bought.

Alex, she simply wanted one thing... lipstick. Sometimes I wonder who's daughter she is... I probably wear lipstick about once a month.

Luckily, as we all know Santa is amazing and he delivers.

He even brings toys for the big kids, with mom and grandma's help
... both boys got the same car that drives on the wall and ceilings

And a present from a primary teacher he adores is always special
And circuits and electricity and making things work...
well that will keep both boys entertained for hours
The aftermath of a wonderful Christmas DayCraigslist has been my jackpot the last several years;
doll house and tons of accessories only $50!


  1. You really found a car that drives on walls and ceilings? Amazing! I thought he just made that up and I was wondering how you were going to deliver that one. Amazing! You did such a good job! It looks like Christmas was a smashing success!

  2. What a cute family you have! It sounds like it was a great Christmas.

  3. You totally scored with that doll house.

  4. (sigh) putting together the electronics and build stuff Christmas day is one of my most favorite memories. I need to get my Dad something next year we can put together.


  5. Looks like a great Christmas! Awesome score on the dollhouse too. Quite a few of my kids "big"
    presents this year were super good finds at DI and Kid to Kid. I love good deals!

  6. Yay, what fun! I love the doll house, Madeline will probably get one next year! :)

    Santa is one awesome guy!

  7. Great thinking mom. We have some neighbors whose little boy wouldn't tell ANYONE what he wanted. He said Santa's magic and he knows what I want.

    Kids are hilarious.

    Looks like you guys had a great Christmas.

  8. oh how i LOVE a good bargain!

  9. What a great Christmas you made for your family. I am a huge fan of Craigs List and Ebay. Have you ever looked into Freecycle in your community. It is the best way to get rid of things you no longer need without packing up and going to goodwill AND people offer some really nice things as they no longer need them. We have a dollhouse similar that we got from a freecycler. The purpose initially was to keep things out of landfills and reduce production of plastic mold injected items(toys). Anyway, there is one in every city if you go to freecycle.org you will find several in your area. It is the fastest way to purge your home and to get/request items needed for (wait for it....) FREE!

  10. Looks like a great Christmas ... and I've been burnt a few times by letters to Santa written at school that were not the things I was told my Little One wanted!!! It is crazy trying to grant these ever-changing wishes.