Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ten Things

Ten Things To Smile About this Month
1. Celebrating our Savior's birth and all of the
wonderful traditions that come with it

2. Fudge, cookies, egg nog... mmm holiday treats

3. Spending time with lots of family

4. Eric and my first night away together since the kids have been born

5. Watching Alex try to drive go-karts
only to have Lucas say "I don't think she is old enough"
6. Making donuts!

7. Getting my energy back--which was completely gone my first 8 weeks of pregnancy

8. BYU womping on the Beavers and being there to see it

9. Both kids being so excited and happy to see Santa

10. Christmas music, Christmas decorations, Christmas lights
{Previous Lists can be seen here}


  1. I smiled just from reading your list. What a great month for you!

  2. I agree, this was a GREAT month.

  3. It was a fun month. I agree with everything and partially with the BYU/Oregon game. I'm from the Pacific NW and we are pretty loyal to the college teams but I also root for BYU for obvious reasons!
    Love your blog.

  4. Love this season--great list.

    I've found that even when things are bad, there's always things to be grateful for.

  5. I'm glad you are feeling better. When momma aint happy, no one's happy. And I couldn't tell, do you like Christmas?

  6. How did the doughnuts turn out? They look yummy!

  7. Alex looks so grown up in the donut picture. She's just a beauty in every way! And if you think she'd like felt food someday for Christmas . . . we have you guys next year! ;)

    Love your list!

  8. OMG where have I been??? Did you say pregnant..whoot - whoo hoo doing a happy dance! Congrats wonderful!
    Beautiful list too!!
    I wanted to tell you how very thrilled I am that I met you here!! What a joy you are and a blessing to me!! I love seeing you and your family grow. I will be a Nana someday and I can only hope that their families work as well as yours!! Not to mention..I just really like ya!!:) Happy New Year hon, Sarah

  9. Cute list!

    Congrats on the pregnancy!

  10. So is that an actual donut maker?? You amaze me!

    December really was a great month!

  11. Emmy, I like your list! I think my list would be pretty similar. I love my Savior, Christmas, Christmas goodies, doughnuts, and BYU. Oh and did I mention eggnog?

    Love, love, love your blog.


  12. Such a good month - I always love your lists. Love them so much I copied you :) Happy New Year!