Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Ten Roses

I have only seen The Bachelor once... and I don't even think I saw the entire season; but Mama Kat has been talking about it a lot and one of her writing prompts this week.. well I just couldn't resist.

She asked us to give ten roses to people or things in our lives we want to keep pursing a relationship with.

So my roses go to, in to particular order:

1) My feet- even though I can't see you anymore, I know you are still down there. And I really do care about you (even if I only paint your nails once or twice a year). So please don't do anything drastic like getting swollen on me-thanks

2) Cream Cheese-oh you and I have had a very long love affair. You are one of those things that isn't so good for me, but well I just can't resist. All I need are a few crackers and you and everything is better.

3) My bed- I know I don't spend as much time with you as I should, but I still want you around. Though, you need some work... maybe a new mattress, a new frame. So take better care of yourself and well make some major changes and I will keep you.

4) My nose-you have never worked right, so I don't know why I want to keep you. But at this time I am giving you a rose so you will realize that messed up or not I do still want you--so please get unstuffy because see, I gave you a rose, I love you!

5) Lucas- my first born child. You will always be special to me and I will always love you. I love how your eyes always twinkle and your smile. But seriously, the crying and tantrums that have suddenly shown up lately they can go away.

6) My camera-oh how I love you. I want to use you everyday. Hopefully we can keep working together and maybe even make some money someday.

7) Alex- my sweet little red head. I love your funny/wonderful personality. I love how you snuggle with me and still seem to fit just right in my arms even though you are getting so big. But the drama--I am done watching you lie on the floor yelling "I can't get up, my legs are asleep"--as cute as you are, well this isn't so cute.

8) My coupons-bet you didn't think I was going to give you a rose now did you. I know I have almost completely forgotten about you. But you and I we have such a great past. Remember that time I only spent $11 but save around $113 thanks to you; yeah those were good times. So stick around and maybe I will make more time for you.

9) My i-pod touch- You and I do spend a lot of time together. You help keep me organized, you help me not forget things... and all of the games we play together.. oh such wonderful diversions. But you know I might be neglecting some of the other things in my life because of you... so don't worry if I don't spend as much time with you. (you know I will be back)

10) My husband-I has been a wonderful and adventurous 8 1/2 years. You help me clean, you cook on the weekends, you love and adore our children and play with them like no one else can. And even with the hard times and that times that have required growth; I will always give you a rose. I always want you around.

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  1. Ah, so sweet! I think that Alex lying on the floor saying she can't get up is adorable! I have to say, I was surprised you started with your feet. It made me laugh. What a lot of things we are grateful for that we really don't think about, hu?

  2. That is a great idea! So cute! I'd probably give at least half of my roses to my bed! I really want to spend lots more time with that hunk o' cuddly!

  3. Love the list of roses you were giving out!!!

    How sweet !!

  4. haha, so ashamed to admit that i've been an avid fan of the show for far too many seasons to count. i got hooked, and now that's it's all scripted and planned and horrible i still can't stop watching. my own little train wreck;-)

  5. I don't watch this show either, but the recaps at MK's are entertaining. I loved #5. That was priceless. Sorry about your nose :( Get better already.

  6. Fun post. I like your ten things. Very enjoyable to read. I thought the nose one was funny. :)

  7. Ha-ha, your list of 10 things just makes me smile; your feet, your bed...

    a girl after my own heart ;)

  8. What a fun writing prompt! I loved reading all your answers!

  9. I hope I remember to do this one. A*dor*a*ble.