Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not Me Wednesday

I have seen these Not Me days before... unfortunately I don't know who started it and at the moment I can't even remember which of my friends I have seen do it. So whoever you are, let me know as I want to give credit where it is due.

But after my afternoon yesterday (if you saw my photo of the day yesterday you know)... well one of these was in order.

It was not me that decided it would be a good idea to go shopping in the afternoon.

It was not my child, and especially not my five-year-old, that was laying on the floor crying and screaming when I wouldn't buy him a car he wanted.

It was not me that somehow calmly just walked away only to have him follow behind still screaming and crying.

It was not my son that rammed his little shopping cart into his sister five times.

It was not me who made it through an entire shopping trip with her son still crying.

It was not me that told off the guy that was watching himself practice his boxing skills in the back window of my van.

And it definitely was not me who at the end of the day was reminding myself why I was having another kid.

What did you not do lately??


  1. May today be SO MUCH BETTER! ;)


    It was not me who let Ethan and Madeline watch extra shows yesterday!

  2. Oh, Emmy. How I can relate to you on this post. Shopping with screaming kids? Check. Reminding myself why I would want to have more kids? Oh yeah.

    This is exactly why I think it is so important to blog. Moms need to know that they are not alone. :)

  3. Yikes, the entire shopping trip? I'd've lost my mind FOR SURE! No kids for a good long time for me. Thanks for the birth control!!

  4. Oh dear, I had hoped they would grow out of the kicking and screaming phase by that age. Oh well. Maybe by six. I hope your day goes so much better and just remember the days of superheros when you second guess having another. Good luck today. I hope it goes so much better!

  5. Oh man! You are a trooper! Hope today is a better one.

    I did not pass on not one but two homework assignments last night. And I did not sneak off and take a bath.

  6. I have never had that kind of day ever....

    Is who does the not me Monday.

  7. i have not been looking at blogs lately, b/c i have been puking lately. i think i'm managing to keep breakfast down, the first food i've kept down since yesterday at lunch. oh how i hate being sick. especially stomach sick. especially when i'm pregnant and can't blame it on morning sickness. i think it was the bread i made yesterday that i was too impatient to cook all the way through. sigh.

  8. I always feel bad for the mom. Yet inside it makes me chuckle, it is all so universal. It was me and her and her and her.

    Maybe next time he will take no for an answer. Good luck with that.

  9. Ahhh. People be warned. Never cross a mom who's been dealing with a tantrum for longer than 5 minutes. I think the poor librarian who asked me to "please control my child as this was a public place" after I was so proud of myself for not yet losing my temper, still has ringing ears :S

  10. Thanks for sharing! I love your new background! It look sgreat!

  11. I'm so glad that wasn't you, I was really embarrassed for that lady in the store! ;)

  12. When my kids start acting up, I grab their hand and start walking toward the front of the store.

    But as I am doing this, I constantly look around and say "Now where on earth is your momma?"

    "Come on, let's go try to find her."