Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Some people asked how my kids reacted to the news that the baby was going to be a boy... and I realized I never even told how they reacted to the news at all.

Back in early December, one Sunday morning, I made our usual egg & a-hats. I made three, and Lucas asked why I wasn't fasting.

Me: "Well, I am not fasting today, because in July I am going to have a baby; I am pregnant."
Lucas: "You've got a baby growing in your belly?"
Me: "Yep"
Lucas: "And your food goes through it's cord and feeds the baby."
Me: "Yep the umbilical cord."
Alex: "I love babies! I will hold them and be soft with them."

A little later in the conversation...

Eric: "Do you guys want a boy baby or girl baby?"
Alex: "I want a boy baby and a sister."
Me: "I will probably just have one baby."
Alex: "Okay a sister, the boy can go to another family."
Lucas: "I want a sister too"

Lucas: "What are we going to name the baby?"
Eric: "We don't know yet, we will have to start thinking of names."
Alex: "We can spell the name A-A-A"

Later at church Lucas offered me one of his goldfish and then he said "the baby ate that gold fish now"

They are both still so excited. Alex is always talking about what she is going to do with the baby when it is born and how she will be so soft. She also always asks to touch the baby and will come up and barely poke my belly and say "touch". Hopefully after the baby is born she is still so excited.

I wasn't sure how they would react to the news that the baby was a boy as they both had been asking for a sister.

The night after I found out we told them at dinner. I simply told them, today when I went to the doctor I was able to find out if the baby was a boy or girl, and he is a boy! You are going to have a little brother.

They both smiled and seemed totally happy and didn't seem to mind one bit that it wasn't a sister.

Eric asked, so what should we name him? To which Alex replied: "Hmmm.. I think Jibba-Jabba!"

Yes, she is just like her daddy. Lucas just sat there and smiled and couldn't think of a name.

Other suggestions I have gotten from my helpful family from Eric: "Bronco LaVell" (BYU football coaches names put together). Also from Alex: "Hercamur Jerkamur"--another silly name we just sometimes say around our house. So as you can see my family is very helpful when it comes to names.

Luckily, I have veto power :)

The three who could spend hours watching a video about a giant gummy bear don't always com up with the most useful names... but I love them anyway!


  1. Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for ya!

  2. peter pan.
    we are obsessed with peter pan right now.
    like no movie we've ever been obsessed with.
    morning cartoons have gone out the window.
    twice a day we watch it.
    morning and afternoon.
    and he asks for a third time after dinner.
    if dad is home we decline.
    if dad is at scouts i can't say i say no.
    b/c i might say yes tonight.
    it depends on how the day goes...

  3. How cute! And I'm glad you have veto power.

  4. Oh yeah! I have a special place in my heart for boys.

  5. I dunno, I kind of like Jibba Jabba.

    It has a nice ring to it.


  6. Awwww, this post reallllly makes me want another child. It's an internal (and external) debate in my house almost daily. Lately, my biggest pro has been because I want my daughter to have a sibling-- I want my kids to be as cute together as yours sound!

    By the way, my oldest nephew wanted to name his little brother "Bozo"-- yes, like the clown. When that was turned down, he suggested "SpongeBob".

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  7. Your kids will be darling siblings to the little guy. I'm so excited for your whole family!

  8. So cute! Name finding is so hard. Good luck on that, and I would advise you not to go to your family for ideas. I mean they want giant gummy bears. Enough said.

  9. Yeah, uh, don't let Alex name the baby, okay? Nuff said.

    Anyway, what a cute little post!

  10. Good luck with picking a name. There are so many boys in the family. What ever you agree on, it will be perfect.

    Who knew that Eric and Eric and Emily and Emmy would end up living in the same city. We are so happy this happened by the way.

  11. What a cute cozy moment. I love that photo!

    How fun that you already have a boy and a girl. I have two boys now and when we start on our third I am definitely hoping for a girl. What would I do with three boys!?!?

  12. OK ... this was just so cute. And at least AAA will show up first in any class directory or phone book.

  13. What's wrong with Hercamur Jerkamur? At least Alex will be soft with it :) We've had LOTS of conversations in my house about having #3 and what everyone would like if they could pick. A boy seems to be the consensus. I dunno . . . Congrats on your little man!!!

  14. That is really sweet! And yes, mom always gets veto power! Although Jibba-Jabba does have a certain ring to it... :)

  15. Oh man... my fave is definitely Hercamur Jerkamur. That is one original name.

  16. I vote for Jibba Jabba. But then again, Bronco LaVell really does have a nice ring to it. ;)

  17. Emmy--I love how your blog records moments that would eventually be forgotten. Great job! And thanks for making a sunny spot in my day.

  18. I love how you told them you were pregnant, just straight and to the point.
    I have to admit that if we were ever to have a boy that Bronco LaVell might be pretty high on his list.
    One day when we were joking around and Kira had been watching Ella Enchanted a lot she suggested if we ever had a boy we could call him Char. And I told her that I liked the name cole. To which my husband replied, Well we could just call him Charcole.
    We laughed.
    So what names are you thinking?

  19. Well, at least you don't have to give him away to another family! :)

  20. perhaps jibba jabba can be considered as a family nickname for #three.